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Craft Audio Earth/Sky 8WG Power

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Length: 1.5m
Connectors: Furutech FI-50 Male & Female NCF

Preliminary Information

  • 8 awg Copper conductors
    • Counter spiraled ground wire separated from hot & neutral
    • Hot & Neutral twisted pair, PE Jacket, paper spacing/insulation between insulated wires, outer PE Jacket
  • Furutech NCF Connectors
  • QSA treated crystals inside

The new Earth/Sky power cable from Craft Audio Takes a few innovative approaches that separate it from the competition. These cables have been developed over years, and many, many iterations before they felt they had the balance, extension, and resolution that did justice to the Craft Audio name.

Our research and experimentation led us to a heavy gauge, but moderately fine stranded conductor for the hot and neutral. The cable geometry is a simple twisted pair, with the ground wire counter spiraled on the outside of the cable. Putting some distance between the conductors and the ground wire sounded better than having all three conductors under one jacket.

The connectors are Furutech NCF Rhodium. You have your choice of the silver carbon fiber body FI-50 and 50M connectors, or the FI-48 R and MR connectors with the aluminum (and far less costly) bodies.

Last, we treat the Earth/Sky series cables with QSA technology, and a proprietary material. This allows us to do some fine tuning on the tonal balance, and improves soundstage width and depth immensely.



The cable has wonderful extension even at low volume levels. Bass is powerful, fast, tuneful and goes way deep. Your components may surprise you with how much low end they are capable of with the Earth/Sky SP. Compared to the Craft Audio 9 AWG cable, the bass is tighter, deeper and more tuneful. The mids and highs are balanced, holographic, natural, unfatiguing and highly resolving. So many times we try a power cord that has wowed us at first, but had us turning the volume down after a short while. We've done the work, and the results are musical, natural, dimensional. Try the Earth/Sky HC in your own system with our in-home Audition program. Try a whole loom and hear what we have discovered!