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Tweek Geek BMF Loudspeaker


  • Aproximately 9 years old
  • 7/10 condition
  • non smoking environment
  • Walnut veneer and hardwood. There are some nicks and scratches. Most are near the bottom of the speakers.
  • 200lbs each
  • 12" Faital woofer
  • Beyma TPL 150H AMT tweeter
  • 2x 12" Hypex plate amp driven CSS Audio subs per speaker (4 12" subs total)
  • Pi based crossover
  • 98db efficient
I have had the immense pleasure of owning these Mike Galusha-designed and built loudspeakers for the last 9 years. These were a labor of love, taking over 100 hours of labor on the massive and solid enclosures. The front baffle is 1" thick solid walnut, glued to 1" of MDF, so 2" thick altogether. The rest of the enclosure is 1" MDF with 1/2" HDF. there are 1/4" threaded inserts on the bottom for accommodating footers. I have some Isoacoustics Gaia 1's that can be used with these that I am including. Make no mistake, these are big, and can play loud with authoritative bass. It's way more speaker than you will need 90% of the time. But that 10% of the time when you physically need to feel the music, these will not let you down. But the really amazing thing about the BMF's is the level of finesse and resolution they possess at any volume level. They were my reference speaker for many years, but my needs have changed and I need to make space.
The tweeter is legendary for it's linear response and stable impedence curve. It is the Beyma TPL150H air motion transformer. The horn and rear chamber are heavily damped. This was done according to a tip from an engineer at Beyma.
The woofer is a 12" Faital pro. It operates in a sealed enclosure and runs down to about 80 hz where it crosses over to the built in powered subs made by CSS (Creative Sound Solutions) Audio. The subs are mechanically coupled internally by aluminum rods. This cancels out the mechanical vibrations generated by their opposing motions.
The subwoofers are powered by a 250 watt x2 plate amp from Hypex. If you have the knowledge, some measurement software, and the Hypex configuration app, you can dial in the bass for your space using the built in DSP.


The controlled directivity response helps to eliminate early reflections interfering with the direct sound. Most noticeable at higher volumes. The sound is balanced, refined and musical. Smooth is a good word for the highs. Natural and intimate is how I would describe the midrange presentation. Vocals are never boomy or boxy, just present and full of life. Bass is extended down to the 30Hz range and has the speed and dynamics to keep up with the high efficiency woofer and tweeter.