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DIY Speakers with Knock-off Scan-Speak Woofers, Beryllium tweeters.

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These speakers were traded in, and offer incredible value for the person on a budget.

The enclosures are a Burl maple veneer over birch ply. They are internally braced, and have a rear port. There is a chip on the front where the Black baffle insert pulled on the veneer when it was being removed. Other than that, the finish is very good. Far more expensive than the price would indicate.

The crossover is 1st order on the tweeter, and 2nd order on the woofer. They use Jantzen 12AWG copper foil wax inductors and Jantzen caps on the woofer, with a and a Rike capacitor on the tweeter. There is an autoformer on the tweeter attenuating the output to match the woofer. The autoformer is adjustable, and a way better sonic solution than an L-pad.

The customer put some real money into these, around $1200 total.

They look and sound like a $5000 + speaker. Bass is unbelievable, and the imaging is outstanding. The highs are not like a typical metal dome tweeter, and quite pleasant.