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Grand Activation Power Cords: First Impressions
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Grand Activation Power Cords: First Impressions

I've finally been able to spend some time with the Grand Activation power cords and I wanted to share my thoughts.

As a dealer and an audiophile I really appreciate the attention to details in the packaging and build of these cords. You immediately get a sense that this is a company to be taken seriously by not just the custom boxes and logo'd fabric bags the cables are placed in, but you have netting that protects the ends during transport and velcro ties that keep things in place. Heck even the ties had their logo on them. I think these touches convey quality.

As do the serial numbers embossed in white on the connector bodies and the warranty card inside the box. You might not think much of it, but as a dealer it helps me to keep track of the history of a cable. 

The sleeving on the 6000 is a dark gray, and the terminations are Furutech Rhodium (not sure if NCF or not).

The Sound (So Far)

Linn had sent me their top of the line Klimax DSM Streamer/DAC/Pre about a month ago, and I have been enjoying it immensely (if you are looking for an all in one solution, this it the best I have heard by far). I have used a few different power cords on it, from Audience FrontRow, to Nano-Flo, to my own Earth/Sky cable. Within seconds of plugging in the HGA6000 I knew this was quite possibly the best power cord I had ever heard. The Nano-Flo was the leader before, but I think that particular cord is best suited to be the connection between the wall outlet and your power conditioner. I agree with Clement that the Nano Flo cord is super fast, dynamic and transparent, but if you add too many, you will get a bit of edginess with a touch of brightness.

The HGA6000 was just super holographic, smooth, and natural. The level of detail was on par with the QSA Gold fuses, but with a touch more dynamic punch and transparency. Paired with the Linn's transparency and what I will call "organic precision", it was highly engaging, energetic, and natural.

Clement Perry has an excellent review of the HGA6000 power cords on Stereo Times. I highly recommend you read it.

The HGA6000 on the Linn Klimax DSM

I then tried the HGA2000 power cords on my Modwright KWA99 Mono amps. I was using the Craft Audio Earth/Sky 8awg cords on the amps prior. They tended to be more neutral than the Audience FrontRow, but the Audience had a little more transparency. Since my Store has a 90Hz bass resonance, the FrontRow was too intense at that frequency. 

Anyhow, after inserting the HGA2000's I fired up the amps and listened. The 2000's were not quite as holographic and transparent as the 6000, but they still sounded better than the FrontRow and the Craft Audio Earth/Sky. They were more 3 dimensional and natural sounding than both previous cables, with as much resolution as the FrontRow. Not bad for $1500.

The HGA2000 on the Modwright KWA99 Mono amps


 I have more of each to install in the system, and plan on trying 3 HGA6000 on the Linn, and the Modwright Monos. I will do the same for the HGA2000 as well. I will let these get some hours on them and report back.

Stay tuned!



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