NanoFlo AC Adapter

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NanoFlo's 15 amp power cord adapter heavily treated with NanoFlo  gel increases audio quality 50-100% with a single AC wall adapter powering your amp, dac or power conditioner. 

These adapters are the least expensive way to experience the effects of NanoFlo in one's audio system. 

The Story

Nano-Flo was a happy accident. The inventor, Chris Arnold, initially invented his Nano material for use on mechanical parts exposed to friction. The original formula was designed as a coating to extend the life of automotive parts and the like. They found also that the coating reduced the heat generated from electrical resistance and friction. They tried the coating on audio power cords, and the discovery was made. Today, Nano-Flo produces a contact enhancing gel, a power cord, and this adapter.


Nanodiamond has excellent thermal conductive properties, which may be part of the reason it is so successful as an electrical contact enhancer. With the particles being so small, there is more surface area exposed, improving the ability to draw away heat. Perhaps this also has something to do with the sonic benefits, we don't know for sure. We also think it may also have something to do with controlling electron spin due to diamond's nitrogen vacancy, but we aren't physicists and can only speculate. 


What we don't need to speculate on is how this adapter sounds when plugged in to a power cord. Depth, dynamics and clarity were the first things we noticed took a significant leap forward.