Hapa Audio

Hapa Audio Ember USB

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Length: .5 meter
The Hapa Ember USB incorporates a noise cancelling braided occ copper design, while keeping the voltage separate from the signal legs. The end result is a sonically transparent and balanced sounding USB audio cable the punches well above it's price point.

Ember embodies a groundbreaking concept that revolutionizes balanced signal handling for audiophiles. Unlike conventional designs using a basic twisted pair geometry within a shielded environment, Ember introduces a completely novel approach. Crafted from an eight-wire configuration with Teflon insulation, Ember's design intricately weaves the data plus and data minus legs together in a specific ratio, ensuring proximity without parallel alignment. Adding to its innovation, a layer of silk nylon envelops this data bundle, complemented by a braided arrangement of the common and 5-volt DC legs according to our proprietary DCS (Design Coordination System).

Ember's uniqueness stems from its absence of any metal shielding layer (foil or otherwise). The cable relies solely on its geometry for shielding, a choice made to preserve the utmost fidelity without the signal-dampening effects of heavy shielding layers common in standard USB cables. By eliminating a shield in close proximity to the data portion, Ember delivers an exceptionally open, rich, and detailed performance.

Achieving this level of performance demands meticulous attention to geometric precision. Even the slightest deviation from the precise schematic could render the cable incapable of transmitting data, particularly in longer length options. Ember's construction requires exacting knowledge and manual craftsmanship, setting it apart as a handmade masterpiece designed in-house by Hapa Audio.

The result is unparalleled fidelity, establishing a new standard within its price range. Hapa Audio utilizes the Viborg USB A and B connectors, renowned for their high shielding effectiveness, in conjunction with Aero. These connectors, with solid cast alloy barrels, ensure a secure mechanical and electrical interface with the sensitive wire, while the 24 karat gold plating guarantees a stable connection with your audio equipment.