Hapa Audio

Hapa Audio Ember XLR

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Longueur: 1 mètre
Termination Options: AECO Gold Plated XLR (Standard) Mundorf Silver/Gold Solder
Hapa Ember XLR offre une présentation neutre, musicale et dynamique avec un faible bruit de fond. Faire ressortir les détails musicaux qui lui donnent cette sensation d’espace holographique. Une valeur fantastique dans une interconnexion audiophile.

Ember XLR takes the exact design of Ember RCA and applies it to XLR. Like Ember RCA Hapa utilizes a trick of geometry on the internal copper/teflon braid packet to allow the cleanest possible signal transfer. All of the results in a full-bodied very detailed and dynamic presentation.

AECO designs utilize a similar pin design with their XLR connectors as KLE-I in that they are hollow pin designs that use low mass in order to improve overall signal transfer. AECO utilizes pins that are copper/beryllium alloy with teflon insulation and gorgeous aluminum barrels. Ember XLR comes standard with AECO gold plated pin XLR connectors or you can upgrade to the AECO rhodium plated pin XLR

As with all Hapa Audio cables, Ember is proudly handmade in house by Hapa Audio in the US.