Fidata HFLC Ethernet Cable

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Le câble Ethernet Fidata HFLC est l'un des câbles Ethernet les plus musicaux, naturels, holographiques et les plus magnifiques que nous ayons rencontrés à ce jour au cours de notre propre voyage audio. Essayez-le dans votre propre système avec le programme d'audition à domicile de Tweek Geek.

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Our Impressions

Fidata HFLC Ethernet cable is one of the most musical, natural, holographic and gorgeous sounding ethernet cables we have come across to date in our own audio journey. For this reason, we are now offering it to our customers.

We have experimented with our fair share of ethernet cables in our streaming system. It's been eye opening. Most audiophile manufactured ethernet cables have quite frankly been a disappointment, presenting a flat, colorless soundstage or just being tonally uneven. The second we plugged in the Fidata HFLC we knew it was special. Tonally it was relaxed and simply beautiful. The kind of beautiful that makes your forget your supposed to be evaluating a cable. Dynamics were natural, sharp, and lively. But it was the soundstage that won us over. It is glorious, wrap-around sonic immersion.


The Fidata HFLC ethernet cable it quality and precision through and through. It features an MFP8 RJ45 shielded, gold-plated plug by Telegartner Japan Limited. The cable has a diameter of 7 mm and consists of 26 AWG grade conductors made of Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) separated into a series of twisted pairs.
Each cable is also subjected to a rigorous, 100% inspection at a certified plant in Japan to ensure that they meet Fidata's quality standard, these cables deliver exceptional transmission quality.

The test results are included with the packaging of the cables. We know of no other cable manufacturer that goes to these lengths to ensure quality and consistency of performance.