Hexago CM-A

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Hexago CM-A

Acoustic Panels


The Form AT Wood Hexago series panels are a unique combination of exceptional aesthetics and original design with sound absorption. The panels were created in close cooperation with specialists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The HEXAGO collection is FAW's response to market demand for a product that meets stringent standards and building code requirements for interior acoustics, while also featuring a furniture grade design. The compact and modular construction in the shape of a regular hexagon is completed with an impressively shaped wooden, partially perforated front. The proprietary design and innovative technology that patented

The HEXAGO CM-A panel is shaped like a regular hexagon, and the oak front of the panel has a gentle protrusion. The recess in the middle, together with the clever perforation, create a spectacular `star effect'. The CM-A offers a little more diffusion than the Hexago P-A panels, and offers less diffusion than the CM-D panels.

HEXAGO CM-A guarantees sound absorption in accordance with EN ISO 11654, making it suitable for use in facilities such as auditoriums and conference rooms, recording studios, listening rooms or private media rooms. The functional HEXAGO CM-A panels in combination with other models, such as CARO MINUS or CARO - offer an even greater spectrum of possible design projects.



  • Function: absorption and diffusion

  • Absorption class: A (acc to ISO 354:2003)

  • Absorption range: 200-5000 Hz

  • Œ±w= 0,95 (acc to ISO 11654:1997)

  • NRC= 1,00; SAA= 0,96 (acc to ASTM C423-17)

  • Diameter of holes: 6mm

  • Diffusion range: 630-4000 Hz (acc to ISO 17497-2)

  • materials: solid wood, plywood, mineral wool,acoustic fabric, chipboard

  • finish: hardwaxoil, varnish (D-s2,d2 or B-s1,d0)

  • dimensions: side length 500mm, height 433mm,thickness 92mm

  • mounting methods: freely hanging on screws or mounting glue

  • weight: 4,1kg/pcs; 26,3 kg/m2

Available Oak Colors


Hexago Acoustic Panels