Form AT Wood Hexago P-A

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Les panneaux de la série Hexago sont une combinaison unique d’esthétique exceptionnelle et de design original avec absorption acoustique. Fabriqués en Pologne à partir de bois véritable, ce sont des traitements acoustiques de qualité meuble, esthétiques et efficaces. Les panneaux de décoration murale acoustique de forme hexagonale réduisent efficacement la réverbération et améliorent la transmission du son dans n'importe quelle pièce.

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Hexago P-A

Acoustic Panels

Hexago PA Studio

The Form AT Wood Hexago series panels are a unique combination of exceptional aesthetics and original design with sound absorption. The panels were created in close cooperation with specialists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The HEXAGO collection is FAW'sresponse to market demand for a product that meets stringent standards and building code requirements for interior acoustics, while also featuring a furniture grade design. The compact and modular construction in the shape of a regular hexagon is completed with an impressively shaped wooden, partially perforated front. The proprietary design and innovative technology that patented

The hexagonal-shaped acoustic wall decor panels effectively reduce reverberation and improve sound transmission in any room. They are designed for interiors where acoustics are of particular importance.

hexago-paHexago P-A Construction


  • Highest sound absorption class A (EN ISO 11654)
  • Broadband reverberation reduction and speech transmission enhancement in the full frequency range
  • Suitable for all rooms where acoustics is essential: recording studios, private listening rooms, conference and auditoriums, and others
  • Can be mixed with eco-friendly and recyclable material such as PET fiberboards and fiberglass
  • Compact modular hexagonal construction, side length 250mm, thickness 87mm
  • Wood type: oak
  • Finish: satin oil / varnish
  • Dimensions: 17.05" diameter x 2" thickness
  • Weight: 8 Pounds

Available Oak Colors


hexago acoustic panel