NanoFlo Gel

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Nano-Flo® is the world’s first pressure activated contact enhancer. Being pressure activated it is inherently much safer to use than many other conductive contact enhancers. Being true nano tech, it is also orders of magnitude more effective than others. Our Take: The level of improvement we experienced when treating our power cables alone was VERY significant. The effects were as significant as what we experienced with QSA products.

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NanoFlow Gel - .1 ml kit

The kit consists of 0.1 ml NanoFlo Gel which treats up to 38 square inches of connections, pins or contacts. Photos show A tiny bit goes a long way, but several power cord plugs, interconnect and audio connections can be treated with this seemly small amount. 

"...After I applied gel to tube pins in AN (Audio Note) preamp and DAC, Mike, seemed no harm treating fuses...

...As is now usual, listening, I’m sitting alone in one of France’s most spacious churches surrounded by some giant, 150 year old organ!.." J.F., Florida

NanoFlo Gel

Leading edge nanotechnology signal, audio and electrical enhancer. NanoFlo® provides unexpected benefits unavailable to any other contact enhancer, and you only need one treatment with NanoFlo*. This is the Gel used in production of their Stereo Times tested power cables and adaptors.

The Story

Nano-Flo was a happy accident. The inventor, Chris Arnold, initially invented his Nano material for use on mechanical parts exposed to friction. The original formula was designed as a coating to extend the life of automotive parts and the like. They found also that the coating reduced the heat generated from electrical resistance and friction. They tried the coating on audio power cords, and the discovery was made. Today, Nano-Flo produces a contact enhancing gel, and a power cord.

The Elephant In The Room

Like many tweaky products who's properties are not fully understood at the time, this product has received plenty of negative coverage from well intentioned skeptics. We get that, and understand skepticism. This isn't our first foray into such things. We would not even bother with this product normally,  but unlike most skeptics, we actually tried the product and found the benefits to be worth addressing the controversy.  Yeah, it's that good.


Nanodiamond has excellent thermal conductive properties, which may be part of the reason it is so successful as an electrical contact enhancer. With the particles being so small, there is more surface area exposed, improving the ability to draw away heat. Perhaps this also has something to do with the sonic benefits, we don't know for sure. We also think it may also have something to do with controlling electron spin due to diamond's nitrogen vacancy, but we aren't physicists and can only speculate. 

Review Quotes

NanoFlo® Superconductor Holographic® 3D6 AC cord ($10,000 MSRP):

"Having inserted the NanoFlo® throughout my system, I'm astounded by their sonic excellence in the areas of speed, dynamics, quiet, and noise reduction. Especially powerful when added at my Puritan AC conditioner and somewhat less powerful when added to front-end components."  - Clement Perry

"With the NanoFlo® Superconductor Holographic® 3D6 AC Cord inserted in Clement’s system, it took but one song to describe what I was hearing. That first song and the 20+ that followed sounded vastly different from those I’d heard during my recent visits to Chez Perry. Bass was bolder and more dimensional, transients were still quicker, and vocals had more body and aliveness. On one song, the acoustic bass sounded woodier and more 3-dimensional as instruments entered the stage from an immensely dense, ink-black front wall of greater depth than heard during any of my previous dozens of visits there over this past decade. The NanoFlo® Superconductor Holographic® 3D6 AC Cord is more than a cable; it’s an essential component." - Greg Voth

"ST Publisher and longtime friend, (Clement Perry), aka CP, asked me to say a few words about my experience after having installed four NanoFlo® Superconductor (NS) Holographic® 3D6 ($10,000 MSRP) AC power cords in my audio system. Since he and I both have very similar Behold electronics-based audio systems, it would be fun to see if I got a similar over-the-top enthusiastic result that he said he achieved after his long burn-in. I replaced my more expensive, superb Anzus power cable with one 6 ft. NanoFlo® Holographic® 3D6 AC cord. I located them where I thought they would have the most significant effect: on both Behold BPA-768 amplifiers, on the Behold APU-768 preamp, and on my Puritan156 AC conditioner.

After listening to my first familiar track, I immediately realized something significant was going on. As I continued to listen, I heard the following improved characteristics on good recordings: a larger natural bloom in the soundstage, which I thought was already at max. Further, a larger and better-focused center image became obvious alongside improved front-to-back and side-to-side depth. In addition, a quieter background was obvious, which allowed me to hear micro-details in the music. The best part of observing the above characteristics is that these improvements were easy to hear. I’m told these unassuming 6ft 16-gauge audio power cables take up to 200 hours of break-in to resolve their full potential. I wouldn’t know yet because I have a way to go in that department, but I know I can enjoy what the NanoFlo® does by simply listening transfixed for many hours. Therefore, I am declaring developer Chris Arnold’s new NanoFlo® Superconductor (NS) Holographic® 3D6 AC Power Cord my Most Wanted Component." - Dan Secula


Nano-Flo® is the world’s first pressure activated nano tech contact enhancer. Being
pressure activated it is inherently much more safe to use than certain conductive contact enhancers currently on the market. Being true nano tech it is also orders of magnitude more effective than past enhancements.  

Nano-Flo is not by itself electrically conductive. Its extreme  conductivity is only activated under the pressure of parts coming into contact with each other. The actual contact interface is microscopic, and so when carefully and thoughtfully applied, a very small quantity will go a very long way.


  1. Clean. Always begin with clean contacts. Any clean cloth or swab with ordinary isopropyl alcohol is fine. Any of your favorite contact cleaners may also be used.

  2. Only the tiniest amount is required. Uncap the syringe of NanoFlo® gently dip the tip of the tooth-pick applicator swab into the gel. It will fit inside the opening of the syringe without the needle. You don't need to dunk it.

  3. Spread a thin film to cover the contact area. Look for scratch marks to use as a guide to where the parts actually come into contact. Remember even a very thin barely visible coat will do, however the receptacle insertion point may wipe the enhancer off the treated area being inserted, so good practice is to apply a small amount into the female, and male contact points. I like to use a good light source while doing this pare as well.

  4. Allow to flow. Be sure to plug and unplug, tighten and loosen, etc, a few times, allowing the parts themselves to spread NanoFlo® around and pressure activate the nano-material into physical contact areas of the receptacle.

  5. Be mindful of heat. Nano Flo is suspended in petroleum gel, and is sensitive to heat, even the heat from your hand on the syringe can make it thinner. That can cause the gel to become too fluid, especially when using the plunger on the syringe.

  6. Burn-in. Expect to hear immediately improved dynamics and clarity, with dramatically lower noise levels revealing a wealth of subtle detail. Over the next couple weeks the electrical connections will improve even further.