Steinmusic Highline X4 Power

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Options de longueur du cordon d’alimentation Steinmusic: 1,2 mètre
Option de terminaison d'alimentation Steinmusic 15 ou 20 ampères: 15 A

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Steinmusic Highline X4 Power Cord

Refinement, Naturalness, Resolution

Borrowing technology from the Topline Series, the X4 implements 4 braided copper conductors in a mercerized cotton outer jacket. It still incorporates rhodium plated copper connectors, but instead of the phenolic housing used in the Topline series, the connector housing on the X4 is more the high end audio standard plastic. We like using the X4 on everything but amplifiers, where we prefer the X6 or X8.

Refinement would be the word to describe the Steinmusic sound. As would Naturalness and Resolution. The X4 has these traits. There are so many adjectives one could use, but we believe it is best to hear it for yourself.

Try The X4 In Your Own System

Of course, we want you to experience the Highline X4 for yourself rather than just read what we have to say about what it did for the systems in our store. Qualified customers can take advantage of our in-home audition program to hear if the X4 matches their system and preferences. There is no better way to discover if this component is for you than to hear it in your own system, with your own ears, on your own time. If you are in the market for a power cord of this performance and price level, give us a call or send us an email to get the audition process started.