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Hapa Audio Haiku RCA

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Hapa Haiku Interconnect Length: .75 m
The Hapa Audio Haiku RCA is our best performing interconnect. It Possesses absolute neutrality, musical liveliness and holographic resolution. Audition it today!

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Hapa Audio Haiku RCA Interconnect

A Symphony of Sound for the Discerning Ear

Your audio system is more than just a collection of equipment; it's years worth of work, an extension of your refined tastes, and love for music. You've spent years building your system, and cultivating an ear for quality, and Hapa Audio has crafted the Haiku Interconnect with you in mind.

Unparalleled Clarity & Musicality

The Hapa Audio Haiku Interconnect is meticulously engineered to transport you into the very heart of your music, providing unparalleled clarity and detail. With not only advanced, but absolutely premium materials and construction techniques more akin to a precision work of art.

What Makes The Hapa Haiku Different

Aerogel Dialectric

It is the first audio cable ever created that incorporates an Aerogel dialectric. This is the best dialectric besides air itself, and that's because Aerogel is mostly air.

Nano Polished OCC Silver

Haiku, like many state of the art cables, uses ultra high purity Ohno continuous cast silver. What separates it from the crowd is that the Haiku's silver is hand polished to a 120nm nano finish. This ultra polishing, with the fewer crystal boundaries of Ohno Silver itself, physically creates the most unhindered pathway for sound.

Lattice Shielding

Lattice shielding reduces signal crosstalk to a statistical minimum. Composed of pure silver Litz wire combined with a carbon fiber shield. The Lattice geometry allows for ideal shielding without reducing micro dynamics, macro-dynamics or detail within the signal. It also has the added benefit of a stunning visual aesthetic.
However, don't be mistaken by its looks, the Haiku interconnect wasn't designed for beauty, it was designed with a singular purpose in mind, the highest fidelity possible from an interconnect period.

Silver RCA Connectors

The custom made, low mass silver RCA connectors create and end to end silver pathway for the signal.

Own a Piece of Sonic Artistry

When you invest in the Haiku Interconnect, you're not just adding another cable to your setup; you're integrating a piece of timeless artistry into your audio landscape. Built for those with a discerning ear and an appreciation for the finer nuances of sound, this interconnect is more than just an accessory. It's an experience.
Experience the Hapa Audio Haiku Interconnect in your own system with our In-Home Audition program.