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Hapa Audio Aero Cu RCA Interconnect

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Length: 1 meter

Jason from Hapa Set out to create a middle tier cable line in between his Ember and Haiku cables, and Aero Cu is the result. I'm just going to say it, These cables are the end of the journey for 99.9% of us.  It's going to be my customers with the far more expensive cables that are going to have the hardest time understanding/believing what I say. But I stand by it.  I have heard a lot of cables in my 20+ years as Tweek Geek, and these are far and away the best value, and may very well be the best value in audio cables, period.

About Aero Cu Interconnects

Using the same attention to detail and upping the ante with Hapa Audio’s new proprietary Hand polishing and meticulous surface verification using a microscope and advanced magnification optics to verify the surface of every Aerogel cable we make. 

Aero Cu utilizes our proprietary hand polished UPOCC copper for its data core. This process ensures the highest quality finish on the surface of the data wire in order to obtain the highest level of fidelity possible. For more information on our hand polishing process please read this article: https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=182989.0


Hapa Audio utilizes the best dielectric material available. Aerogel is a manmade silica compound that has the unique feature of being the lightest solid material known to mankind. Boasting an air to solid material percentage of 99.8%, aerogel is an incredibly effective thermal insulator used by companies like Boeing Aerospace and NASA when cutting edge engineering solutions are necessary. Because of its lightweight and incredible thermal properties it is generally reserved for exotic purposes such as serving as a collection grid material on space probes for cosmic dust capture and insulation for the Mars Rovers. For more information on Aerogel check out some of the top hits on YouTube when you search ‘aerogel’

What isn’t as well known about Aerogel is that it is also among the very best dielectric materials available. Silica (non-Aerogel variety) has very similar dielectric properties as Teflon, it would seem logical that it would be used as a dielectric material. However, Aerogel is incredibly brittle. It is unthinkable to attempt to use it in such an application due to its low tensile strength, it would just crumble and fail to hold its form. In fact, Aerogel had not been used as a dielectric in any application we could find anywhere. Therefore no obvious solutions around these problems existed. We realized if we were going to use Aerogel as a dielectric, we would have to invent a process to do so from the ground up. After 2 years of research and development (and a patent pending), we are proud to bring you our technological tour-de-force in Aero.


TheAero Cu are terminated with KLEI Absolute Harmony RCA connectors. These connectors ensure the best match for Aero Cu. Every detail that is achieved with their Hand polished Aerogel clad data core is fleshed out completely with these connectors.

What makes them so special?

Getting right into the sound, three words come to mind immediately: Neutrality, Transparency, Musicality. 

Normally when you have a cable that offers up so much detail and is so neutral, you get what I call a "sonic scalpel". The soul of the music is left out of a very detailed, analytical presentation. You can dissect every part of the music, but then it becomes something other than musical. It's a collection of highly accurate and articulated noises that we listen for individually. It's fun for awhile, but never satisfying in the long run.

Okay, enough about what these cables aren't. What they are is a portal into the performance. Not even a window, because that would assume a barrier. With the Aero Cu there is no barrier. Everything is just, there.

In-Home Auditions

I have a 1 and a 1.5 meter pair. If you are seriously curious, or ready to try something new from a lesser-known, but highly skilled cable manufacturer, get in touch to arrange an audition.