Audience AU24 SX MP

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Audience PowerChord Length Option (metric): 1 meter
Termination: 15 amp iec
The Audience AU24SX line of interconnects has garnered much recognition and many awards over the years. It has become the reference interconnect for many audiophiles who prefer a copper interconnect that presents a fuller sound, with dynamics and resolution. Here at Tweek Geek, the AU24SX continue to be one of our favorite cables.

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Audience AU24 SX MP - 13 AWG

The 13AWG version is suitable for 200 watt rated consumption audio components. Class D amplifiers, preamps, & source components.


"After spending a good deal of time with the Audience AU24SX interconnects and speaker wire and given their excellent sonic performance, I can recommend them very highly. While they are not rock bottom price wise, in in the world of high-end cables, they are relatively inexpensive. For all of these reasons, I can easily nominate them for an Audiophilia Star Component Award." -Henry Wilkenson - Feb '17


A New League Of Performance

The Au24 SX powerChord, like the other AU24 SX series cables, is in a new league of performance as compared to the Audience Au24-SE line. The SX powerChord is also a big step up in appearance. We are using the very highest quality and beautiful plugs by Furutech, the Fi-50M NCF. These are the best sounding AC connectors that we know of. The SX cord is almost as wide as the plug yet it is still very flexible. The wire is a very advanced design that Roger Sheker and John McDonald put a full year into developing and testing various samples. Compared to the SE it is in a different league, most notable for ultra coherence with all that brings to the table. Like the rest of the SX line, the SX powerChord is made with 6 nines pure OCC copper in the very highest quality XLPE insulation. In the 13AWG version, There is a single 13 AWG wire per leg. Historically we have not been proponents of shielding power cords due to reduction in dynamics. However, we found that the ultimate result is to shield the ground leg only. So each of the two ground wires is shielded and then insulated with hand wrapped Teflon.