Audience Studio 1 PowerChord MP

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Audience PowerChord Length Option (metric): 3 feet
Termination: 15 amp iec
The Studio 1 series of audio cables have much in common with the flagship frontRow cables in terms of sheer neutrality, dynamics, soundstage and natural flow of music that Audience is known for. The Studio 1 is a little softer and slightly less detailed in the highs, but not by much. All in all, we agree that the Studio 1 cables are the high value line in Audiences arsenal.

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Audience Studio 1 PowerChord MP

Moderate Current Version For Preamplifiers and Source Components

Studio ONE PowerChords are made of high purity OFC copper. Significant improvements in Studio ONE include

  • Engineered like the AU24SX XLR interconnects
  • Improved XLPE dielectric quality vs. Au24 SE
  • Treatment of the cable via Audiences proprietary EHVP (extreme high voltage process). The result is that Studio ONE is a better product than its Au24 SE predecessor, though the price is very similar.

Ticking All of the Audiophile Boxes

Studio ONE delivers near holographic focus, with imaging that is deep, wide and well-defined. Rhythm and pacing are superb, with noticeably superior transient capabilities. What truly sets Studio ONE apart from its lesser siblings is its tonal purity and dynamics; Studio ONE has a realism and clarity that's much more in-line with Audiences higher-end models. Much of this has to do with the way Studio ONE is built.

Improved Dialectric & EVHP

Studio ONE receives our Extreme High Voltage Process (EHVP), a proprietary process which drives very high voltages, in the range of 800,000v, through the cables doing a more thorough and complete job of burn-in than would otherwise be achievable. The largest benefits of the EHVP process are improved dynamics, coherence, tonal purity, and smoothness.

Low Mass Construction

Like all Audience cables, Studio ONE is a low-mass design. We avoid using heavy jacketing materials and heavy connectors on our cables as mass tends to absorb energy and dulls the sound. This lack of extra weight gives Studio ONE their refreshingly open and honest tonal character.


All Audience cables are directional, we pay specific attention to the direction of our conductors and geometry to enhance conductivity and preserve maximum musical information. To ensure optimum performance, look for the gold arrow on all our cables which indicates direction of signal travel.