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Grand Activation Extreme HGA 6000 Power Cord

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The Grand Activation HGA 6000 power cord features high purity copper, Teflon insulation, and Furutech rhodium connectors in custom aluminum housings. What sets it apart from the competition is the MMAT processing technology the cable undergoes. If you are familiar with the transformative power of the QSA products, then you have already heard what MMAT can do. Expect less noise, more resolution, a bigger soundstage, and a far more natural presentation with this cable.

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Grand Activation Ltd., is a unique cable and accessory manufacturer located in Bristol, UK. They manufacture Power, speaker and interconnect cables as well as AC receptacles, and fuses.

What makes them very unique is the processing that their completed cables go through. This process, Labeled MMAT, makes them one of two cable brands in the world to offer cables treated with this process.

Metal Molecular Activation Technology

MMAT is a process whereby the conductors are treated to a process that ultimately leads to a lower amount of noise, enhanced dynamic range, wider soundstage, more naturalness, and refinement in the sound of the component powered by the HGA 6000.

"Grand Activation Ltd uses a proprietary technology called MMAT (Metal Molecular Activation Technology) that increases the flow of electrons, thus improving dynamic range and helping reduce distortions on an unprecedented level, I was skeptical about which MMAT he was referring to. Was this perhaps the same company that I’m familiar with called Quantum Science Audio? Whitehead claimed they know of the QSA technology but use their own special blend of MMAT, that admittedly isn’t on the level QSA offers. However, based on my experience with all seven levels of QSA, any level of MMAT treatment is special – especially if used on a product employing as much high-purity, oxygen-free copper as in an AC power cord. " Clement Perry, Stereo Times

As Clement Perry mentions in his terrific review of the HGA 6000, the process is similar to what QSA offers in it's fuses. Of course, GA has their own proprietary "level" of this treatment that they find sounds best with their cables.

So if you are familiar with the effects of the QSA line of products, you will understand what you are getting with Grand Activation.

Available in 2m Length Only

The Grand Activation HGA 6000 is available in 2 meter lengths with 15 amp Furutech FI-11 rhodium terminations only.

Burn In

The HGA 6000 do require 200 hours of burn-in before they really blossom. But our experience is that they will sound great right out of the box. Just plug them in to a component or appliance that you can leave powered on 24/7 and in a little over a week they will be ready.

In-Home Auditions Available

We have 2 HGA 6000 power cords available for in-home auditions. Please contact us if you are interested in listening to these amazing power cords in your own system.

"Yes, my system has been sonically impacted in the most positive ways I couldn’t have imagined. I cannot wait to hear the company’s phono cables and interconnects when they become available in 2025. As it stands in the here and now, the Grand Activation GA HGA-6000 AC cords are the finest AC cords I’ve heard at their asking price (and maybe beyond). They are hereby nominated as my new reference AC cords and are highly recommended. " - StereoTimes



  • Conductor: High purity oxygen free copper 0.5mm² x 8 x(3St)
  • Shield:Al-Foil + PVC+ Air-Tube + 0.12mm OFC wire braid
  • Teflon dialectric insulation
  • Sectional Area : 4mm²
  • Outer sheath: PET + Nylon
  • Aluminum connector housings for shielding the delicate termination points
  • Furutech Rhodium Terminations
  • Metal Molecular Activation Technology  
  • Length: 2m