Quantum Science Audio

QSA 10x38mm Fuses

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QSA Level: Yellow
Amp Rating: 2 Amp

Like the smaller fuses that QSA offers, the 10x38 mm fuses are treated with their own proprietary processes to yield their amazing performance. According to Stephen Tsang, head of the Quantum Science audio group, the QSA brand uses its own unique technologies — Musical Metal Molecule Alignment Technology (MMMAT) and Metal Active Technology (MAT). These technologies create a more efficient electron flow that provides greater conductivity and eliminates narrow band distortion (BND).

Unlike the smaller fuses, the larger 10x38mm fuses have silver end caps and filaments. That, coupled with more actual amounts of metal that are QSA processed in the larger fuse, leads to a significant improvement even over the smaller fuses. The cost is the same, so one can see the value. 

Of course, one will need to install a fuse holder in their component to accomodate the larger fuse. Hence we recommend this particular fuse for the DIY market. Below are two examples of fuse holders that can be used with these fuses.


The direction in which the fuse is located is extremely important and is indicated by an arrow on the housing. If you find the sound sharp or bright after installing the fuse, the fuse may be pointing in the wrong direction. Try reversing the direction of the fuse.


To achieve maximum sound quality, ample time is needed for the fuse to fully break in. The higher the QSA level, the greater the break-in time.