Shakti Air Stone

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Shakti Air Stone

Audio EMI RFI Absorber

New from Shakti

The "Air" Shakti Stone improves the performance of the original stone. The benefit is immediately audible with a more refined top end and of course, more air.


Improved version of a classic product proven to reduce stray EMI and increase the resolution in your audio system.

SHAKTI Innovations has been around since 1994. They design products that improve the performance of audio components through a unique patented (#5,814,761)process that absorbs and dissipates what is commonly referred to as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

As good as today's components are they all self generate EMI, which degrades signal transfer functions. No amount of power conditioning can eliminate this self generated EMI.Through an energy conversion process, theShakti Stoneuses an antenna-like circuit to absorb these fields and dissipate them as heat. The end result? A lower noise floor which improves resolutiion.

"...The difference is clear: more open and airier highs, more detail in the mid frequencies en an altogether more lively sound that has more rhythm and tightness."

Who's Who of Shakti Stone Users

Abbey Road Studios, Pink Floyd's Astoria Studios, Steve Hoffman Mastering, Stan Ricker and Doug Sax all rely on Shakti to deliver the best sound possible. Noted audio reviewers Harry Pearson, Michael Fremer, Ken Kessler, Sam Tellig, Wes Phillips and Jonathan Valin recommend Shakti Stones and rely on them for increased system performance.

Where to Place the Stones

You only need to place the Shakti Stone in close proximity to a component's power supply and other critical circuit locations to realize audible sonic benefits.

Positive Feedback article suggesting where to use the Stones

Hi-Fi Advice on the Shakti Stones

Dimensions:6.5" L x 5.25" W x 1.5" H