Shakti Hallograph

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Shakti Hallograph

Acoustic Diffuser

shakti hallograph

"If you don't like what the Hallographs do, you should look for a new hobby." - Wayne Donnelly

The Shakti Hallograph systemis the result of over 10 years research into speaker/room interaction and room acoustics. The Hallograph consists of two triangular shaped arrays atop wooden stands. They are placed behind each speaker near the corners of the back wall. The array is engineered with proprietary technology (patent pending) and made with exotic hardwoods, consisting of staggered activated panels that are mounted on an elegant base that beautifully blends into any style room environment. This is more than just a triangular shaped acoustic diffuser. Much more.

What to expect

  • More realistic presentation of stage depth, width and height, along with a warmer musical tonality that doesn't compromise clarity and detail.
  • Each array is adjustable so that the system can be optimized for different rooms and speaker systems.
  • Activated panels generate a musically complimentary reflective energy that transforms your listening room by overcoming typical room distortions which muddy the bass, overbrighten the presentation and blur the soundstage.
  • The Ambient information of the original recording are retrieved in exquisite detail
  • Easy set up with floor stands. The Hallograph array offers the kind of performance increase that's associated with a major upgrade in speakers and electronics.