Audience Au24 SX Speaker Cables

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Length: .5 meter
Termination: Spade
The Audience AU24SX line of interconnects has garnered much recognition and many awards over the years. It has become the reference interconnect for many audiophiles who prefer a copper interconnect that presents a fuller sound, with dynamics and resolution. Here at Tweek Geek, the AU24SX continue to be one of our favorite cables.

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Audience AU24 SX Speaker Cables

High resolution, wide bandwidth, with Just a touch of warmth and richness. That is what the AU24 SX cable line has to offer your system. We offer in-home auditions of these award winning cables for serious inquiries. Contact us today to schedule your audition.

The enhanced performance of the Audience AU24 SX speaker cables is the result of sourcing higher purity OCC copper (6 nines), a higher quality of XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) insulation as well as making adjustments to geometry. Numerous wire samples were produced and tested to achieve the greatest performance possible. Anyone who has been a fan of any Audience Au24, Au24 e or Au24 SE cables should be thrilled when they hear the SX line.

The largest improvement in cable performance yet achieved by Audience is represented by Au24 SX audio cables. The SX cables are all noticeably more clear, lively, and resolved, and they all have a stronger, more imposing presence that is instantly apparent. Everyone who has used them so far has been quite pleased with the improvements we have made over the traditional lines of Au24 cables by switching to purer OCC copper (now six nines), better XLPE dielectric insulation, and modifying shape. In our on-site cryo facility, we double-cryogenically treat all SX cables. After the cables are built and put through testing, we carefully treat each component portion before freezing the finished cable. This procedure is known as CRYO2.

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