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Hapa Audio Torsion CU Speaker Cables

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Length: 2 meter
Terminations: NexGen Silver Angled Spade Connectors

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Tørsiøn is Hapa Audio’s 3rd statement product after Aero and Haiku. In keeping with their dedication to creating the highest quality product possible, Tørsiøn continues this dedication to fidelity.

More Aerogel than 10 Aero USB cables.

Tørsiøn uses unprecidented amounts of aerogel. Because there are 2 separate legs with 14 gauge UPOCC, Tørsiøn requires more aerogel than previously possible to use in a cable. The result, a solid core UPOCC wire that is suspended in pure aerogel dielectric. No one else in the industry has the technological prowess (or patent) to pull this off.

Nano Polished Copper

Utilizing the same attention to detail applied to our polishing process for Aero Cu, we meticulously hand polish the surface of the UPOCC copper conductors. This process was developed in order to achieve the highest level of sound quality for Torsion Cu. The results speak for themselves, a wire whose surface is pristine it elevates the sound quality possible, even for UPOCC copper.

Cable Geometry

With speaker cables, most manufacturers have the two legs in relatively close proximity leading to a smearing of phase response and general loss of fidelity. Tørsiøn utilizes a nylon separator that creates an optimized distance between the two legs. The result: the cleanest frequency response without notable aberrations from top to bottom.


Like every other Hapa Audio cable we have auditioned, the Torsion Cu punches way above it's price point, and presents the music with nutrality that is imminently musical. A tough act to pull off.