SteinMusic S2 Schumann Generator

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Steinmusic S2 Schumann Generator

Best In Class Schumann Frequency Generator

"As there is no need for another Schuman Generator on the market, we wanted to make this one the Ultimate Schuman Generator." - Holger Stein

When Holger Stein of Steinmusic started to experiment with the impact of Schumann waves on played music and music reproduction, he built up many different types of generators with different waveforms.All sounded different. He chose his favorite generator circuit according to two criteria:

  1. It needed to be made in such a way that we may guarantee absolute thermal and long-term stability.
  2. It gave the best performance in long term listening tests.

It turns out building a high quality Schumann frequency generator is not unlike building a high quality preamplifier. Steinmusic's more than 40 years experience in R&D of High End electronics was of great help in this endeavor.

What makes the SteinMusic Schuman Generator so unique?

  • The Steinmusic S2 works with an ultra low distortion pure sine wave. This is much harder to produce than the more common (easier and cheaper to produce) square wave that most other Schumann generators create.
  • Each unit is individually tuned to its exact frequency of 7.83 Hz
  • A low distortion discrete generator is assembled with high quality discrete parts. No integrated circuits are used in the critical sine wave generation circuit.
  • Only the best quality components are used for high long-term stability without frequency changes.
  • The S2 has a very high temperature stability from -20¬∞C to +60¬∞C. This is important because as the unit warms up, the performance will remain consistent.
  • Precisely optimized internal antenna for superior performance

The entire analog section is designed in the same way as the very best audio devices:

  • Linear power supply with high power reserves.
  • Outsourced mains transformer. 50 respectively 60Hz stray fields are thus excluded.
  • Selected fast and low-interference rectifier diodes
  • Discrete voltage stabilization, no standard stabilizer
  • Discrete fully balanced high current driver stage, which would do credit to any high end amplifier
  • Double-sided plated through hole board with gold contacts.

In addition to the internal bifilar antenna, there are two 3.5mm jack sockets on the rear for connecting additional throw antennas.Thus increasing power and range, allowing for the full potential of this device to be reached.

Our Impressions

The attention to detail, parts quality, and generation of an actual sinewave instead of Square wave really does amount to a best in class product. Our listening Studio was already well treated acoustically, and outfitted with a Stein Harmonizer system, Signature Blue Suns, and Blue Diamonds. Holger placed an S2 at the front of the room, centered between the speakers and near the wall behind them. He placed a second S2 on the opposite side of the room, again centered and this time behind the main listening chair.

If you've heard the Stein Harmonizer system properly implemented, then you know how it creates a wrap around soundstage with rich harmonics, overtones and sweet high frequencies. The S2 enhances that effect, but does more. More than could be done by adding additional Harmonizers or Blue suns. There is a density to the music, with no loss of speed or transparency. In fact there is more of both. The speakers simply disappear sonically from the room. One can no longer locate the air/sound pressure emanating from the speakers. Sound seems to be coming from everywhere it should be coming from. As if one were in the venue where the recording was made. This is especially evident on acoustic recordings mic'd so as to capture the acoustics of the space. Classical music in a concert hall. Jazz in a club, Rock music where musicians play acoustic instruments in an acoustically live space. The space is recreated in your room. Imaging tightens up and is more focused, but not at the cost of soundstage. In fact the soundstage expands well beyond the walls. Is this due to the effect of the Stein S2 generated Schumann sine wave acting on the room, or on the listener? I can't answer that. But what I can say is that after the demonstration at my Studio, I told Holger that the two S2's he set up were not leaving.

Testing the effect of the S2 is easy, and it's effects do not need time to dissipate. As soon as the unit is turned off, the effect stops. This makes testing in your own listening environment very simple. If you own other brands of Schumann generators, you owe it to yourself to audition the S2. I think you will be surprised at the difference a true sine wave, and better parts can make on the effect such a device creates.

Dimensions:7.75" L x 3.75" W x 3" HWe recommend including an additional 1.5" to the length to account for the DC power cable and antenna.