Steinmusic Blue Sun

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SteinMusic Blue Sun

The Ultimate Partner To The Harmonizer system.

Read our Blog on using the Blue Suns to treat oddly shaped and difficult rooms.


"Everything got better, larger and more real. The soundstage, dynamics, harmonics - you name it." -StereoTimes Review

The Blue Suns are the Stein's top passive device used in the Harmonizer system. They are powerful enough to work without the Harmonizers, making them a great starting point for your Harmonizer system.

The Steinmusic Blue Suns are the ultimate partner to the Steinmusic Harmonizer system. 4 Harmonizers in the corners of your room, along with 4 Blue Suns placed about 6-7 feet high on the walls in between each pair of harmonizers makes for a very smooth, detailed and holographic system that will have you staying up late many nights rediscovering your music collection.

The Blue Suns are made of carbon-filled epoxy resin with nine active elements in an exactly balanced ratio. Skilled placement impacts image size in all three dimensions.Used with the Harmonizer system, they are capable of achieving an excellent result.

Call us today to discuss which SteinMusic Harmonizer system is right for your room, and if the Blue Suns are appropriate. 888-998-9335.

Steinmusic Blue Suns are the latest development of the Steinmusic Harmonizer System, and have a very strong impact on good room acoustics. They work best in combination with the Harmonizers, but already used alone are very helpful. Blue Suns will give good results directly when mounted in the room, however the perfect placement will improve things in a significant amount, so that we suggest to take some time to optimize the placement. We suggest the use of some good recordings of unamplified instruments and natural voices, as here it is easiest to guess the closest to reality proportions.

Placing the Blue Suns

  1. Place one Blue Sun at the wall behind the speakers, exactly in the middle. Start at a height of 130cm, and then change the height in increments of 10cm. Get a rough idea how the height of the soundstage will change with the height of the Blue Sun. Higher produces a more diffuse, but holographic stage.
  2. Place one Blue Sun each at the side walls left and right from the speakers. Start at a height of 220 cm, about 50cm behind the front of the speakers. The soundstage will become more open, and it may make sense to readjust the Blue Sun at the back wall now. Here you should now spend some more time with now, decreasing the increments step by step to 5cm, 2cm and 1cm in the vertical just a in the horizontal.
  3. Place the fourth Blue Sun to the wall behind your listening place, in a height of about 220cm vis-à-vis to the Blue Sun behind the speakers.
  4. We would suggest to get familiar with all what happened to the musical reproduction during this process, and then continue to find out the perfect placement. You will easily recognize when you have found it, as the whole sound something like locks in, and gets very realistic and natural with an almost alarming versimilitude.


Blue sun

Amplifying the Blue Suns

Steinmusic Blue Suns alsowork perfectly together with the Steinmusic Blue Diamonds. Just put a Blue Diamond on top of the Blue Sun, and fix it with a small piece of Black Tack. The result will be an even more open and refined sound.