SteinMusic H1 Micro Harmonizer

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Stein H1 Micro

A SteinMusic Harmonizer At A More Affordable Price.


The SteinMusic Harmonizers have been one of Tweek Geek's favorite tweeks for over 10 years. Their clear sonic benefits (pun intended) have garnered the Harmonizer system rave reviews by customers and the press. The only negative about them was the price. Not everyone is able to justify $2995 or more for a Harmonizer system. Thankfully SteinMusic recognized this and has worked hard to make the technology more affordable AND smaller. The H1 Harmonizers will give you nearly all of the sweetness, the holography, the excitement of the original Harmonizer system without the hefty price tag.

Latest Generation Harmonizer Techology

Further improved, and designed with much effort to be even more compact.The small size makes for easy and inconspicuous placement in the room or on the wall.Can be easily custom-colored with any spray paint that adheres to plastic..
The H1 Micro can also to be placed in the car in the pockets of the side doors.All H1 Micros work in continuous operation with one AA battery for longer than 3 years.

Their fixed intensity is different from the H2's adjustable intensity.Upgrading the H1 Micro to the Signature version is done by simply replacing the back panel.

Variants and Upgrades

H1 Micro

The small H1 for room acoustics optimization, as the most affordable entry into the world of SteinMusic room acoustics system.

H1 Micro Plus

The H1 Micro in the PLUS version.An extended and optimized power supply brings a further performance gain.Ideal for supplementing an existing SteinMusic room acoustic system, for use at the desk or for mobile use in the car.

H1 Micro Plus Signature

In the signature version, the H1 Micro achieves a performance that one would hardly believe such a small device. Our top recommendation.

H1 Micro Signature Upgrade Module

Signature upgrade for H1 Micro or H1 Micro Plus. This is an easy upgrade that can be performed on any H1 Micro or Micro Plus.Simply replace the back panel with this one with integrated Signature upgrade, and the Signature version is ready.

H1 Dimensions

3.34" x 2.55" x 1.1"