Trade In Your Audio Gear!

Get more purchasing power with our trade-in program.

Tweek Geek takes trade-ins!

Our trade-in program allows you to instantly exchange your audio equipment, cables and accessories for credit towards your Tweek Geek purchase. Simply fill out the Trade-In Request form and we will get back to you quickly with a trade-in quote for you.

How it Works

Fill out the Trade-in form to begin the process. We will contact you shortly, and once we agree upon a credit, you send your gear to us. We will inspect the items, and issue the credit immediately if the items are in the condition you described. If there is a discrepancy, we will need to agree on a different credit or cancel the entire transaction.

Trade-In Request

Terms & Conditions: Please read, as some of you will more than likely try some of these shenanigans.

  1. You can trade in any component(s) toward the purchase of a component, or multiple components. Your trade does not have to be the same type of component that you wish to purchase; e.g., you can trade in a turntable towards a pair of speakers.
  2. We only accept trades on purchases greater than $1000.
  3. ALL TRADES ARE MADE AGAINST THE RETAIL VALUE OF THE PRODUCT. There can be no additional discounts given on top of the trade in.
  4. Any returns made after the trade-in or consignment will be for store credit only. This bears repeating...
  5. NO REFUNDS ON TRADE-IN TRANSACTIONS. If you are not satisfied with a product that you made a trade-in deal with Tweek Geek on, we will take the product you purchased back, and we will issue a store credit. We will not give refunds as too many people have tried to use the trade/return process as a means of selling their equipment to us.

Example of a deal where a trade-in credit would be issued:

You have an amp with a trade in value of $1000, but the product you wish to purchase costs $1,500. In this case you would be able to use $750 of the $1000 trade in value towards the item, and the remaining $250 would be issued as a store credit towards a future purchase.

Please fill out the Trade-In Form completely, then click the "Submit" button below. We will get back to you promptly.