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Dark Matter X1

Room & Power Conditioning Tweak

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BLOG: DMT X1. Powerful & Versatile Tweak

The Dark Matter X1 is the next generation of Dark Matter Technology. We have made great strides in improving our design, making it smaller, less expensive and more powerful at the same time. The X1 is the replacement for the Mandala and it is a game changer. At 4x the power of the original Mandala and 1/4 the size, this is not an insignificant improvement.

We aren't talking a subtle tweak that you have to strain to hear. This is immediate and powerful.

As the inventor and manufacturer, we are offering DMT X1 direct to our customers.

 Dmt x1

What is Dark Matter?

Dark Matter is a blend of materials that together create a synergistic effect of reducing noise and enhancing system resolution. They not only absorb noise from RF and EMI, but they take that noise and use it to enhance resolution. This is not just an RF or EMI blocking device. It's more. Way more.

Where does The X1 Work Best?

Very specifically, it works inside power conditioners, on the incoming power to your home (placed on the conduit coming in to the breaker box), On breaker box sub-panels, Power supplies to Audio and video components (try one on your flat screen TV, you will be amazed!) and strangely enough, as a room acoustic device.

Testing the X1 As A Room Treatment

Turn on your system and let it warm up. Let your ears become familiar with your favorite test tracks, then we let the fun begin. Start with at least 2 X1's, preferably 4. Place them on the floor or on a table between your speakers and listen to your test tracks again.


You may hear more resolution immediately, but the overwhemling sensation will be that the music is just sitting between the speakers, as if the image has been pulled to the location of the X1's you just placed. Ugh... This is done to prove a point. They are doing something, and it's obvious. Now take half of the X1's and set them along the outside of each speaker at your listening plane and listen again.


Now the image will appear wide, but hollow in the middle. The final test may actually be where you end up leaving the X1's, but I always encourage further experimentation. This time, take 2 X1's and place them centered. One in front of your and behind the speakers, and one behind your listening position. I like to place them at ear level, you may want to try them in the upper corners where the wall and ceiling meet, or somewhere in between.


This setup to my ears gives good soundstage balance in all directions. Good center fill, front to back depth, and soundstage width. Adding more does add to the intensity of the effect. Again careful placement so as not to upset the balance of sound filling your room.

You Can Add More

I have 8 in my room currently, in addition to 1 on the incoming power, and one on my sub panel. Each time I add more I get more, and it's noticeable fairly quickly. I suppose I will hit a diminishing law of returns at some point. I will let you know when I do. :)


No Batteries, And Will Never Wear Out

There are no batteries or power supplies needed, it is energized by what it receives in the airwaves and magnetic fields around components. They do not aggravate tinnitus like some resonators can.


There's not any maintenance either. Just set 'em and forget 'em. Periodically however I always like to remove them, just as a sanity check. Their absence is felt shortly after they are out of the room. Within a couple hours, they are back...