Audience Front Row XLR

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Audience Signal Cable Length: .5 meter
The Audience frontRow XLR is the flagship in their award winning cable lineup. The frontRow cables are a departure from AU24SX, which we would consider to be more on the warm and euphonic spectrum. The Front Row power cords are less euphonic and more precise. They still offer the same relaxed transparency, air, space and musicality of AU24SX, but In addition have explosive dynamic capability and fast leading edge transient speed.

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Audience frontRowBalanced Interconnects

Audiophile XLR Cables

"It doesn't take very long, however, to see that these frontRow cables aren't just another version of the Au24 cables or why they left the Au24 SX cables in the lineup. The frontRow cables are a whole new ballgame, not just for Audience cables, but for audio cables."


The frontRow

The Audience frontRowXLR balanced cables represent a huge leap forward in performance over the AU24SX. The frontRowbalanced interconnect offers more of everything that made the SX such a great cable in terms of relaxed transparency, air, space and musicality. In addition the SX2 is constructed to be distinguished from SX in appearance. It has a cleaner and more handsome appearance. And the packaging appearance has also been improved.

What is PMT?

PMT stands for Proprietary Metallurgy Technology "PMT" removes layers of distortion while lowering the noise floor and increasing dynamics. With SX2 you will hear retrieval of more low-level information, air, space and 3-dimensional holographic imaging. Mechanical rifling in the barrel of a firearm allows the bullet to travel in a predictable and more efficientpath. We have produced the same type of improvement in the performance of electrical signal transmission, only with our new PMT, this refinement is accomplished at the molecular level. PMT creates canals in the pure conductor material that allow electrons to flow more freely in the same direction. The transmission of information remainsmore intact with less random electron dispersion and loss of signal integrity.The improvement in performance is quite impressive! Combined with Audience's Deep Cryo treatment, the results are the best audio cables ever produced by Audience.

Fully Balanced Design

The Audience frontRow cables are a “True Differential Balanced Design" engineered to take advantage of a differential circuit by creating a fully differential cable, from the ground up, which optimizes the benefits of the sonic characteristics inherent in a balanced circuit topology. This, of course, required more wire, a more complex design, meaning it is as proportionally complex as the differential circuit to which it is being connected. Audience did not use the same wire design as the optimized single-ended cables and just terminate with an XLR connector, as most other companies do, or vice-versa. Instead, Audience offers a true differential balanced cable that will expose the benefits and bring out the best in your balanced components.