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Hifi Rose RSA780

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  • CD drive for playback and ripping with HiFi Rose RS130, RS150B, RS250A, and RS201E network music players
  • Connects to HiFi Rose players via included USB Type-A to Type-B cable
  • Rips CDs to FLAC, FLAC (compressed) or WAV files

RSA780 CD Drive 

The HiFi Rose RSA-780 CD Drive/Ripper is ideal for the music lover who wants to play CDs and/or rip them, and it is engineered to pair seamlessly with HiFi Rose streamers. RSA-780 can switch between two modes: one for pristine audio playback via a streamer, and one for reading or writing CDs.

The RSA 780 differs from a typical USB CD drive in that it adds mass, and the isolated, low-noise, anti-vibration design. It is compatible with any streamer that can play music directly from a CD Drive.