Modwright KWH 225i

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Color: Silver
Phono Stage: no
Hot Rodded Version?: No Thank You
The Modwright KWH 225i 225 watt tube hybrid integrated amp represents the culmination of years of solid state and tube preamp/amplifier design. A class A tube preamplifier paired with a zero negative feedback amplifier that runs Class A for the first 25 watts, and Class A/B up to 225 watts.

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Modwright KWH 225i Integrated Amplifier

Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Soundstage Australia review 2022

2020 Positive Feedback Online Brutus Award Winner

"The results were clear: the KWH 225i took the incoming sources with ease, and made the Sopra Ones stand at attention, despite their middling efficiency. No tap-out; no pooping out. The high bandwidth of the 225i (20Hz - 100kHz at 0dB) provided excellent extension and a great sense of presence, especially with DSD128 and DSD256. I loved the dynamics of the 225i; it has real punch, with killer quickness." - David Robinson, PFO


"We combined solid state output stage of our ReferenceKWA150SE amp, with the controls and integration of theKWI200. We then replaced the SS preamp circuit with a Class A tube design and increased the power to 225W. The result is theKWH225i." - Dan Wright


  • 25 watts Class A
  • 225 Watts Class A/B
  • Zero Negative Feedback Solid State Amplifier
  • 6922 Tube Based Preamplifier


Hybrid Design In Modwright's DNA

audioModwright has from it's very beginning preferred a hybrid approach to system building. Combining the natural richness of tube preamplifiers with the grip and punch of solid state amplification.
The KWh 2225i hybrid integrated amp is a natural extension of this philosophy.Combining the solid state output stage of Modwright's Reference KWA 150SE amp, with the controls and integration of the KWI 200, then replacing the KWI 200 solid state preamp circuit with a Class A tube design and increasing the power to 225W. The result is the KWH 225i.


Our Take on the KWH 225i

This is perhaps Dan's best work yet. The KWH 225i has gobs of power for when you need it, but is biased to run in Class A for the first 25 watts. This means that for most of your quite to moderate level listening, you are in Class A mode, only slipping in to Class A/B when you turn it up to louder levels. The tube preamplifier section is dead quiet. We actually preferred the stock JJ 6922 tubes to the more expensive Ampex. Dan voiced the amp for just the right balance of warmth and neutrality. Wonderful tone and dynamics, holographic soundstaging and pinpoint imaging. We rarely run it out of Class A mode due to the 97 dB efficiency of the Aurai Audio Z215's. The integrated itself runs warm, not hot at all due to ample heat sinking.
The Modwright KWH 225i closes the performance gap between separates and integrated amplifiers. You really need to hear this!

Class A Operation, Zero Negative Feedback

The Class A preamp stage, with 25 watts of zero negative feedback Class A output from the amplifier section will be a fantastic match for efficiency speaker designs. Even lower efficiency speakers will benefit from the high current 225 watts of Class A/B output.

modwright kwh-225i

Optional Phono Board

You can add the optional phono board yourself as it is user installable.
  • User Installable
  • (1) set RCA inputs
  • Phono Gain: 50dB
  • MM & High Output MC
  • Loading: 50-100-500-1K-47K-100pf

"Hot Rodded" KWH 225i

The Hot Rod upgrade adds Modwright Teflon caps to the input and output sections, greatly increasing low level texture, detail and overall clarity to the presentation.


  • Three sets of RCA inputs.
  • One set of XLR inputs.
  • One Home Theater Bypass Input (HTBP)
  • Optional SS phono stage (user installable).
  • Front panel controls: Input select, power, volume and HTBP.
  • Remote control functions: Power, volume, mute, input select, dim/turn off displays.
  • Tube Complement: (2) 6922/6dj8/7308.
  • Class AB operation, biased into Class A for the first 25W.
  • Zero negative feedback.


  • Input Impedance: 20K
  • Gain: 32dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-100Khz (-1dB at 100Khz).
  • Dimensions: 17‚ÄúWx17‚ÄúDx6.5‚ÄúH
  • Weight: 60 lbs