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QSA 20 Amp IEC Power Cord Adapter

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QSA AC Adapter Level: Yellow

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QSA 20 Amp IEC Power Cord Adapter

Attaches Between Power Cord & Component - Lowers Noise Floor - Improves Resolution


Pricing For A Single Adapter:

  • Yellow: $230
  • Violet: $359
  • Orange: $500
  • Red: $719
  • Black Red: $1429
  • Silver: $2499
  • Gold: $4999

Please contact us to audition before purchasing.

The QSA IEC Power Adapter is placed between your power cord and the component it powers, ensuring the power nearest your component experiences is thoroughly treated with QSA's proprietary process.


Q: What are the differences in color?

A: The color levels indicate the amount of time the product has spent undergoing the QSA treatment. With Yellow spending the least amount of time, and Gold spending the most. Our analysis is that the lower the level, the less the intended effect (obviously) but also higher levels of product tend to have the effect reach lower in the frequency spectrum. Our speculation is similar to a type of "skin effect" occurs with processing. The shorter the processing time, the less the treatment penetrates to the inner part of the conductor where lower frequencies are transmitted. This is only a guess, but our ears give this speculation merit. Meaning, the higher the level, the better the midrange and bass performance offered by the product.

Q: Are the different levels really worth the expense?

A: Absolutely Yes. Each level is a significant and immediately audible improvement over the lower levels. I will say that there are some subtle sonic breakthroughs at certain levels. With Yellow's benefits affecting the high frequencies mostly, Violet adding more warmth and body, Red compounding on the Violet with just "more". Red/Black starts bringing in a more natural flow to the presentation in addition to more resolution, Silver adding to the effects of the Black/Red, and Gold really knocking it out of the park with spooky realistic vocals, naturalness, resolution and flow that you didn't know your component or system was capable of.

Q: Should I start with the male Jitter AC Adapter or the 15 Amp IEC Adapter?

A: Logic would dictate that you would start with the end closest to the component, but the QSA products are known to be logic defying. Until we get our hands on these and experiment, we will not know. One thing I can say is the better investment might be the QSA AC Receptacle rather than a male adapter. This gives you the benefit of the QSA process and eliminates the additional connection that an adapter would add to the circuit.

Q: Will I get even more benefit If I have a QSA AC adapter at each end of my power cord?

A: Again, logic would dictate that it would offer more benefit, but consider investing in a QSA AC receptacle instead and get the benefit of the QSA process at each end of the power chain without the additional connections of an adapter.

Q: Where do I start?

A:Either at the very beginning of the power chain in your system (the plug that powers the power conditioner/distributor in your system), at the DAC, or phono stage.