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QSA PowerJitter Power Conditioner - Crystal Gold

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The QSA Jitter Power Conditioner may not look like much, but it's treated with QSA proprietary metallurgical process, and will transform your audio component's performance with more resolution, balance and naturalness. Highly recommended if your component cannot use a QSA fuse.

NOTE: QSA occasionally has order backlogs, and it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your item if we do not have it in stock. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait!

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QSA Power Conditioner - Crystal Gold

Plug & Play QSA


NOTE: Cardas and Oyaide plugs are INCOMPATIBLE  with QSA AC Jitter Adapters



Crystal Series Gold

The Crystal Series differs from the Original series in that they offer more neutrality and transparency than the Original Series. The Original Series leans to the warm side of neutral. If you are looking for more resolution, without coloration, then the Crystal Series is your best bet. The Crystal Gold is transformative in it's performance. Making your component perform at levels you didn't think it could. These are no joke, and do require an audition if your system is at a level where a tweak like this may make sense. Whatever metallurgical treatment they are performing on this device, it is like NOTHING you've ever experienced before. I do say experience because it is more than just hearing, it is also feeling.
One may ask why not just spend and additional $7500 on a component upgrade? That is a reasonable thought. But if you know the sound of your component, and don't want to start over, or pay for features you do not need, QSA may make sense. In fact, this may ultimately make your $25,000 component sound like a $40,000 or $50,000 component. They are that good.

Our Report: This Is The Unicorn of Tweeks

It took about 30 seconds for me to figure out that these may be the best tweak ever. The QSA fuses set the bar really high, but these have surpassed them in my opinion. You have the effect of the fuses, more low level detail, better phase detail which encompasses a whole host of sonic effects like: more low level information, better and more separate harmonics, complicated musical passages rendered with more intelligibility. Plus improved bass detail and slam, and finally an over all sense of ease and naturalness even at high listening levels. To me, and in my experience, this device is the ultimate tweak for the following reasons:

  1. Half the price of the corresponding color QSA fuse
  2. Very similar sonic effect as the QSA fuse
  3. Will never blow like a fuse
  4. Super easy installation. True plug and play
  5. Will not void manufacturer warranties

For these reasons I feel the QSA Power Conditioners are the ultimate tweak.
The QSA power conditioner works very simply. Plug your power cord into the QSA power conditioner, then plug the conditioner into the wall, or another power conditioner. The effects will make themselves very apparent after a day or two (longer for the higher level models. Sorry!). More inner detail, PRAT, and simply a more natural character to the music. For those of you who have tried the QSA fuses you understand. Also understand that these behave more like the fuses than the QSA Outlets do (I have no idea why, but they do). The effect is additive as well. We have seen no downside to adding the QSA Power conditioner to QSA outlets, and products that already have QSA fuses inside.
For those of you who have been curious about the QSA products, this is perfect, and simple. Much easier than replacing a fuse, and the benefit is extremely similar.

Our Experiences So Far

Break in:The higher the level (color wise) the longer the break in time. All will take at least 50 hours of break in. You don't need to be playing music through a component to break the adapter in. Just having the power on will do. Initially they may sound great, or not. All have an initial glare that goes away over time.
Using Multiple QSA Power Conditioners: I used to think it was best to buy one of the highest level that you can afford, plug it into the wall and have it power your power conditioner/distributor that powers the rest of your system. This may not be optimal in every case. ALWAYS experiment with placement, as your mileage may vary. I will still say that if you choose to use one at the wall, that any other adapters you add post power conditioner will be effective, just not as dramatically effective as the one at the wall.
If you are going to do multiple QSA Conditioners, for instance for your power conditioner, and all components plugged into said conditioner, buy the same color Conditioner. The only exception might be for a subwoofer. All other components responsible for passing a full range signal should have the same color of Conditioner. A lesser level Conditioner that follows a higher level will have inconsistent performance. For example: Having a Red/Black at the wall, powering your AC distributor, then adding a red to a component that is plugged in to that distributor, you might get a more liquid and expansive midrange, but the highs will be more recessed. Keeping all QSA Conditioners the same offers more predictable results.
Passive Effect?
We have also discovered that plugging other AC adapters around your home grid actually improves the sound of your audio system. This particular case it is okay to use a lower level adapter, since it isn't directly in your system.

In-Home Auditions Available

We strongly encourage you to try the QSA Gold Jitter AC Adapter with our in-home Audition program. This eliminates the risk of not knowing if this device will be compatible with your components. Contact us for details.