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QSA US 20 Amp Circuit Breaker

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QSA Circuit Breaker Level: Violet ($711)
Choose Your Breaker Model: Square D HOM120CP
Power conditioning begins at the breaker box, and there is no better-sounding circuit breaker than the QSA audiophile circuit breaker.

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QSA Audiophile Circuit Breaker

US, 20A Breaker With QSA Treatment

Tweek Geek Speek Blog Review of the QSA Black/Red breaker
This panel mount audiophile circuit breaker is rated for 20 amp circuits and certified for home use. They have been treated with the QSA process which transforms it's performance when powering audio equipment.
We highly recommend using the QSA treated circuit breaker with a QSA treated AC receptacle. This combination is highly effective at lowering the noise floor, and providing power to your components that will allow them to perform with unimaginable clarity, depth, and naturalness. You won't believe you are listening to the same system!

Results In Our System

Before the QSA Breaker, we had a builder grade common 20 amp breaker connecting our audio circuit to our studio system, we had a short run (12 feet) of high quality 10AWG wiring in the wall from the breaker box to the Gold QSA wall receptacle. Our Kiyora power conditioner was plugged into the Gold QSA, and we were using both plug and iec jitter adapters from QSA on our other components plugged into the Kiyora. So as you can see, our system had plenty of QSA power products installed prior to the circuit breaker, so our expectations were moderate.
Bottom line, the circuit breaker provided a MAJOR difference in dimensionality, naturalness and liquidity of the music being produced by components in the circuit. It went way beyond our expectations.

Our Recommended Total Power Delivery System

The QSA circuit breaker is part of our recommended total power delivery system.

  • QSA Circuit breaker
  • Audience Hidden Treasure In-Wall wiring
  • QSA AC receptacle
  • Kiyora Power Conditioner
  • QSA Plug and iec adapters installed on the power cords of your choosing

This is the very system we use in our studio. The end result is the music lover's dream. Immersive, natural and creating a soundscape one can really listen to for hours.

Choosing The Right Breaker

Circuit breakers for the home come in several brands and sizes. You will want to pick the same brand that is matches your breaker panel. The easiest way to find that out is by opening the front door on your breaker panel and taking note of what brand and model is currently used in it. We have several listed here that cover most available breakers. If your breaker looks different, take a photo of it and any branding/ model numbers it may have and email us with the photo and information. We may be able to make a custom breaker.
We do not treat GFCI type breakers, as the treatment itself will trip the breaker during the process. We also limit treatment to single pole breakers only.

Types of Breakers

 Square D 120 CP

Square D QO 120

Siemens 20 amp

Eaton CHF 120