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QSA USB Adapters - Horn Series

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Copy of QSA Adapter Horn Series: Yellow ($213)
QSA USB adapters fit on both ends of the USB cable connecting your streamer to your DAC. Overall, the QSA adapters increase soundstage dimensionality in all directions, and improve the sense of naturalness in the presentation.

NOTE: QSA occasionally has order backlogs, and it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your item if we do not have it in stock. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait!

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QSA USB Audio Enhancer/Adapters - Horn Series

Horn Series = Tubey Warmth & Midrange


What They are

The QSA USB Audio Enhnancer/Adapters are designed to enhance the audio of your streaming digital system. They incorporate the same metallurgical treatment that makes the other QSA products so remarkable in what they do for sonics. They don't look like much, but in this case looks are very deceiving.

What You Get

The 2 piece set of adapters consists of one USB A-Type adapter for your streamer or laptop's USB output, and one USB Type-B adapter for the connection from the USB cable to your DAC's USB input.

Horn Series

TheHorn Series possesses the most warmth with emphasis on a lush and present midrange. Like that of vintage tube gear. WhileCrystal Series emphasizes transparency over all else, and the Original Series splits the middle with a touch of warmth and a natural flow to the music.

Their Effectiveness

on our extremely tweaked out streaming setup, which consists of the following:

We immediately heard the effect of the adapters. Immediately, there was more musical information, and it was presented in a very natural, organic way. This was straight out of the box!

A word on Break in

The QSA products take longer than normal to break in. We recommend 30 days of continuous use. For Silver and Gold level devices, break in can be double that.

Please Use Care When Handling

The USB adapters are tough, but not indestructible. Please use care when wrestling with your cables while balancing on your left tip-toes to plug your USB cable into your DAC or Streamer. You know EXACTLY what I mean. :)

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will love the QSA USB Adapters, or you can return them for a refund of the purchase price. We extend this guarantee for 60 days up to Black/Red, and 90 days for Silver and Gold level adapters.