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QSA XLR Adapter (Pair)

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QSA Performance Level: Yellow
The QSA XLR Adapters can take your existing balanced interconnect to a whole new level of sonic performance. They are treated with the QSA proprietary metallurgical treatment that reduces noise, and infuses the sound with deep resolution, 3-dimensionality and naturalness. Try the QSA XLR adapters on your existing interconnects before spending a small fortune on a new set of cables.

NOTE: QSA occasionally has order backlogs, and it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your item if we do not have i

The QSA XLR Adapters are sold in sets of two and connect where the cable meets the signal receiving component, maximizing the benefits of the QSA effect at the end of the cable's signal path.

Like the QSA fuses and other adapters, the XLR Adapters are treated with QSA's revolutionary metallurgical treatment. The result is, for the first time you will hear what your existing cables and components are capable of. Expect more clarity, dimensionality and a natural flow to the music. The effect is compounded with each upward level of treatment offered. 

Break In Time

We aren't going to lie, these take a long  time to break in, but the wait is worth it. The higher the level, the longer the amount of time needed for break in.