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QSA Gold AC Receptacle

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An essential audio system tweak. A QSA wall receptacle will improve resolution, soundstage, and overall tonal/timbre balance in your system. The Gold receptacle has incredible smoothness and detail retrieval. Highly recommended!

NOTE: QSA occasionally has order backlogs, and it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your item if we do not have it in stock. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait!

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QSA Ultra Gold AC Receptacle

The Proof Lies In The Hearing



Power Conditioner in an AC Receptacle?

Do not think of the Gold AC receptacle from QSA as a tweak or accessory. It is foundational to an ultra high performance audio system. The change it will yield once installed at the wall will astound you. If you have been hesitating to install the QSA fuses inside your components, the QSA AC receptacles will be an equivalent, better, additive experience. If you already have QSA fuses installed in your system, an AC receptacle at the wall will take the performance of your entire system higher. Believe it.

The Gold Receptacle performs at a level well beyond any other AC receptacle on the market. In fact it does many things better than power conditioners at it's price point. I still say you need filtering on the power line to remove some grain and grit from RFI, but the QSA Gold on it's own allows your components to paint an engaging and huge 3-dimensional soundstage with an extremely low noise floor.

It is the top level of their QSA's receptacle line, and analogous to the Gold Fuse that sells for $9995. Having the two acting together on your state of the art audio components will bring their sonics to unimaginable new heights. That is our guarantee. To help you with this decision, we have made a power distributor with a Gold receptacle that you may audition. We insist you try it before buying. It is fully broken in, and will give you the best approximation of how your components will sound when plugged in to it.

Top Tip

If you think you need to replace all of the outlets in your power conditioner or distributor, you would be wrong. The single most effective use of the QSA receptacle is in the wall. It will benefit your entire system, even if you are running a power conditioner downstream. Our hypothesis is whatever noise it is blocking, it is taking a huge burden off of one's existing power conditioner by eliminating noise at the wall. We aren't kidding, this will be a shocking upgrade. We have an in-home audition of sorts available as well. We have created a single outlet power distributor with a Gold AC receptacle wired into it. This will give you a taste of what to expect with a QSA Gold receptacle installed at the wall.

Break In

The higher the performance QSA receptacle, the longer the break in time. The Gold is no different, and being the top tier receptacle will require up to 60 days of break in time. We do have a power distributor with a single Gold AC receptacle installed that you may borrow using our in-home audition program.

In our official experience with the Gold QSA, It starts a little closed off, and opens up after about a week. Soundstage width and depth increases, detail increases, and the bass become louder and more defined.


Q:I already have (insert brand name here) power conditioner. How will a wall receptacle improve the sound if the AC has to run through the power conditioner before getting to the components?

A:All I can say is it does. It makes a system wide, huge difference. Even though the AC coming from the wall receptacle has to flow through all of the filtering of the power conditioner. Whatever the QSA receptacles are doing to eliminate noise, your power conditioner is not filtering the same noise, and it will not hinder the performance of the QSA receptacle. Your power conditioner and the QSA receptacle are working on two different levels, and types of noise. I guarantee you will hear a difference.

Q: Should I get rid of my power conditioner then?

A:Maybe, but probably not. As I said, power conditioners provide RF filtering, and other benefits. The QSA receptacles seem to work on different types of noise. All I know is that there is a significant improvement in the sound, even if you keep your power conditioner. I would say experiment if you have the option to. Perhaps even audition one of Tweek Geek'sQSA power distributorsalong with the wall receptacle.

Q: Are you #$%^& nuts?!

A: Maybe, but I will put my money where my mouth is. I have a special made power distributor that houses a Gold AC receptacle. You can borrow it if you'd like. One loses a little bit from not having it installed directly in the wall, but you will get a really good sense of what this receptacle is capable of.