SteinMusic Q5 Quantum Mains Filter

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Stein Q5 Quantum Mains Filter

If you like the Stein Speaker Match, You will love the mains filter

All of Stein Music's products seem to help one's audio system get to the soul of a performance. Whether it's the Harmonizer system, Speaker matches, Blue Suns, whatever. They all bring the emotion of the performance to the forefront. You connect at a deeper level with them in your system. That too can be said of the Q5 Quantum Mains filter.

The Q5 looks like a high quality plug with no power cord attached. Instead the end where the power cord would normally exit is covered with a wooden disk that says "Q5".

stein q5

The Stein Q5 Quantum Mains filter is meant to plug in to your power conditioner/strip, or wall outlet that is adjacent to where your power strip conditioner is plugged in. You will know in seconds that it is present in your system. The musical presentation relaxes, flows and feels more like music, and less like electronics trying to reproduce music.

We recommend 1 at the wall outlet, or 1 plugged in to your power conditioner for best results.