SteinMusic Matrix Gold E-Pad

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SteinMusic Matrix Gold E-Pad


Vibration Damping & More

STEIN Music E-Pads are small, self-adhesive pads that measure 10 * 15mm, which, when applied to audio electronics and speakers, have a profound influence on molecular coherence and vibration and resonance behavior of the surface or the component to which they are applied. The resulting positive sound effect can be felt almost immediately. Countless devices, loudspeaker chassis and crossovers, but also glass surfaces on picture frames and window panes and last but not least musical instruments by world-class virtuoso artists are already benefiting from this development.

E-Pad Matrix

By far the most universal and most well known variant is the "E-Pad + S", with which a lot of experience has been gained in recent years. The “E-Pad Matrix" series has now been developed on the basis of the E-Pad + S. The aim of this development was to further classify the well-known working methods and effects of the E-Pads + S in a much finer and more distinctive way.

Applied specifically to components relevant to vibration and resonance, they reduce dissonance in the material and thus improve the natural vibration behavior. The result is a measurable and acoustically sustainable optimization of the individual sound. The E-Pad Matrix series is divided into the models Matrix-Copper, Matrix-Silver and Matrix-Gold. With the basic Matrix-Copper variant, clearly clearer structures in the sound are already apparent. Voices get more enamel, instruments draw more bodies. The Matrix-Silver variant increasingly refines this effect. Acoustic subtleties, gloss and clarity emerge more and more and give the listener an ever stronger impression of presence and authenticity. The Matrix Gold version is less impressive due to its effect size and much more due to its tonal finesse. Matrix E-Pads deliver crystal-clear, fully recognizable details and undistorted, unfiltered overtones. Nuances that could previously only be glimpsed suddenly emerge clearly and presently and at the first hearing impression let the jaw drop permanently towards the floor and with every additional minute the corners of the mouth widen with an advanced grin.