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Stillpoints Ultra 5 II

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Stillpoints Ultra 5 II

Audio Vibration Isolation Feet

"To say that the sound changed would be a misnomer. After replacing the stock Wilson spikes with the Ultra 5s, I felt something like P.G. Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster after he's been on a bender and the next morning consumes one of Jeeves' special pick-me-ups laced with Tabasco sauce. Sonically things started exploding. It didn't require any effort to hear that the sound had indeed been dramatically altered for the better." - The Absolute Sound

"The Stillpoints make a huge improvement on the JBL Everests that I put them under. Wow. It's on a suspended floor, and bass is so much cleaner and the speakers interact far less with the room." - Jay H.

Ultra 5 V2

The Ultra 5 V2 is a larger version of the Stainless Steel Stillpoints Ultra audio isolation footer. The Ultra 5 V2 employs five pockets of Stillpoints vibration absorbing technology. Whereas using four Ultras under a loudspeaker and enjoying 4 pockets of Stillpoint technolgy, four Ultra 5 V2 provide 20 pockets of isolation under each loudspeaker. I don't have to tell you that the Ultra 5 V2 is quite an experience.

Price is for each Stillpoint Ultra 5 V2.

Height 1.84"
Diameter: Minimum 1.74" to Maximum 2.97"
WEIGHT(per unit): 3lbs