SteinMusic Super Naturals Plus

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Steinmusic Super Naturals Plus

Component and Speaker Footers

Priced as a set of three

super naturals plus

The Premise

Resonances are present in all Audio Equipment. If we dampen them we do not only dampen resonances but also vital acoustic energy. If we isolate audio components resonances are trapped inside the component and can cause smearing of the sound. We want to drain resonances away by giving them a way out of those components to let them go to earth to be dissipated. The second problem occurs with reflections between components and stands. Here the Steinmusic Super Naturals come in to play. They help to get rid of unwanted resonances in the components, and they avoid reflections from the stand. Stein Super Naturals are able to mechanically "earth“ the components they support in a stable but subtle way. On the contrary cones reduce energy transfer by a small surface, and rubber feet store energy and dispense it later again.

Super Naturals Plus

Super Naturals Plus take the concept of the Basic further. They also come as a set of three:

  • Two are made out of African Zebrawood (Darker in color)
  • The third is made out of Italian Olivewood

They contain special ceramic elements, felt pads and perfectly adopted woods. Ceramic has a very fast energy transfer. The felt pads normally have a dampening effect, but Steinmusic vacuum impregnates them with their own very special lacquer that stabilizes them and positively contributes to the overal organic sound and liquidity. The carefully selected wood gives the whole composition a very natural sound. Where the Basic needs 80 steps for completion, the Super Naturals Plus requires 120 steps.

How to Implement Super Naturals Plus

In addition to the different types of woods, you will need to pay attention to which side of the cylinder footer is top and which is bottom. To determine which side is top, notice that one of the flat sides of the cylinder has a metal ring at the center, while the other side does not. The side with the metal ring is always considered the top, and as such should always point upward. When starting to implement the Super Naturals Plus into one's audio system, we recommend starting at the source component, because that is where the sonic impact will be the greatest.

Always use Naturals instead of stock feet, so that they may directly couple the housing to the ground. If the original feet are higher than the naturals, please remove them. A set of three always has optimal good contact and will transfer energy perfectly. We do recognize however in some applications you will not get around using a set of four. These are also available, and you may even get singles if necessary.

Care of Super Naturals

Super Naturals are very stable even when under a heavy load, but they are somewhat sensitive to shearing forces. Always place the components on them squarelya and directly from the top. A set of three is good for components up to 150Kg. This makes them suitable to be placed under a complete rack, which is sonically highly recommended.