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QSA Modified QNAP Wifi Router

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QSA Treatment Level: Gold (smooth and organic)
For the ultimate performance audio streaming system. The QSA Router will improve the sound quality of your streaming system to a shocking degree. We recommend pairing it with a Farad linear power supply for the highest level of performance. You won't believe the difference it makes.

QSA Wifi Router

QSA Modified QNAP WIFI Router Removes Another Barrier to Streaming Music Bliss


The goal of a high quality audio system is to remove noise and preserve the incoming signal. To convey the emotional as well as the musical content. Before audio streaming, our systems were closed to the outside world. We could control nearly all variables with components that were made specifically for audio reproduction. Streaming has changed that by opening the signal chain to lesser components meant to handle data, not audio. They are noisy, which means not only to they pollute the signal, they also pollute your home's electrical grid, and the audio components powered by your grid. Even if you have a dedicated line, this noise travels all the way back to the breaker box, where your dedicated line connects to the main incoming power. 

We have made some progress on improving what networking components we have to work with. Filters, reclockers, and switches all are very helpful in making audible improvements to our streaming ecosystem. QSA adds to that list with their modified QNAP router (as well as their switches and LAN Adapters). This addition allows us to remove yet another component, made for data, and replace it with one heavily modified for making music.

From the outside, this router looks pretty much like a standard QNAP QHora-301W Wifi router. There is a QSA logo sticker on the front along with one of QSA's stickers used to identify the level of treatment. On the back of the unit one can start to see what QSA has been up to. It is covered in their tuning crystals of many different colors. The ports are heavily treated, as is the DC input for the 12V 3.3 amp power supply that comes with the router. One can use an aftermarket power cord on the power supply as it has a standard iec inputs.

Once you have read the very specific instructions on how to set up and configure the router (This is my hint to let you know to RTFM. You MUST to do the initial connection in a very specific way in order to access the settings for the router), and you have 4 1 gig ports, and a 10 gig port for your main streamer, and another 10gig port for the incoming internet stream, you are almost there.

Plug your streamer into the 10gig port with a great ethernet cable (We recommend the LINKUP Cat 8 Cables on Amazon)start listening to music. From the first notes, you will be a believer in QSA. The sound is wide, deep, immersive, fast, dynamic, holographic and utterly jaw-droppingly musical. Things will get even better over the coming days and weeks, as the unit's internal clock warms up, and all components start to burn in.

A Word on Break-In

The higher the performance QSA product, the longer the break in time. The Wifi Router is no different, and being the top tier QSA product, it will require 60+ days of break in time. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our in-home audition program if you seriously considering the QSA wifi router.

Plain and simple. If you want the best streaming system money can buy, you absolutely need to consider the QSA Gold Wifi Router. Let us put our 20 years of networking and audio experience in assembling a state of the art, or best bang for the buck, streaming system. Call or email us now.