Nano-Flo Holographic 3D6 Power Cable

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"With the NanoFlo® Superconductor Holographic® 3D6 AC Cord inserted in Clement’s system, it took but one song to describe what I was hearing. That first song and the 20+ that followed sounded vastly different from those I’d heard during my recent visits to Chez Perry. Bass was bolder and more dimensional, transients were still quicker, and vocals had more body and aliveness. On one song, the acoustic bass sounded woodier and more 3-dimensional as instruments entered the stage from an immensely dense, ink-black front wall of greater depth than heard during any of my previous dozens of visits there over this past decade. The NanoFlo® Superconductor Holographic® 3D6 AC Cord is more than a cable; it’s an essential component." - Greg Voth


"After listening to my first familiar track, I immediately realized something significant was going on. As I continued to listen, I heard the following improved characteristics on good recordings: a larger natural bloom in the soundstage, which I thought was already at max. Further, a larger and better-focused center image became obvious alongside improved front-to-back and side-to-side depth. In addition, a quieter background was obvious, which allowed me to hear micro-details in the music. The best part of observing the above characteristics is that these improvements were easy to hear. " - Dan Secula

MANDATORY: Try Before Buying

  • We will not sell this cord to you until you have tried it in your own system.
  • We will only sell you one cord at a time. Why? This puts you the customer in compliance with NanoFlo's return policy. They revoke the return privelidge if you buy more than one cord at a time. This is due to the cost and time of production.

The Story

Nano-Flo was a happy accident. The inventor, Chris Arnold, initially invented his Nano material for use on mechanical parts exposed to friction. The original formula was designed as a coating to extend the life of automotive parts and the like. They found also that the coating reduced the heat generated from electrical resistance and friction. They tried the coating on audio power cords, and the discovery was made. Today, Nano-Flo produces a contact enhancing gel, and this power cord.

The Elephant In The Room

Like many tweaky products who's properties are not fully understood at the time, this product has received plenty of negative coverage from well intentioned skeptics. We get that, and understand skepticism. This isn't our first foray into such things. We would not even bother with this product normally,  but unlike most skeptics, we actually tried the product and found the benefits to be worth addressing the controversy.  Yeah, it's that good.


Nanodiamond has excellent thermal conductive properties, which may be part of the reason it is so successful as an electrical contact enhancer. With the particles being so small, there is more surface area exposed, improving the ability to draw away heat. Perhaps this also has something to do with the sonic benefits, we don't know for sure. We also think it may also have something to do with controlling electron spin due to diamond's nitrogen vacancy, but we aren't physicists and can only speculate. 


What we don't need to speculate on is how this power cord sounds when plugged in to a component. We started on our DAC. What we heard was remarkable. Depth, dynamics and clarity were the first things we noticed took a significant leap forward. Many who have tried this power cord compare it to and say it bests more expensive cords in the $20,000 range. Not many people can afford a $20k power cord, let alone a 10K one, but the consensus is (from those who know from experience) that this cord does things sonically that you would typically have to pay a lot more for.

For us, this cable definitely bests anything we have heard from the brands we carry, and the ones we produce ourselves (Craft Audio) But rather than bombard you with flowery language, we really want you to hear this cable for yourself.

"Suppose you like snap, air, presence, liveliness, dynamics, an enveloping soundstaging, image depth, impact, lightning-fast transients, exquisite timing, and long decays of individual notes as a result of natural transparency and resolution. In that case, the Holographic 3D6 AC cord is the ticket." - Mike Girardi, StereoTimes

Mandatory In-Home Audition

We insist that you try this cord before making a purchase. We will not sell you this cord without you trying it first. It costs too much time and money to produce, and we want you to be certain it works in your system before you invest this type of money.


NanoFlo's Return Policy

NanoFlo covers the purchase of a single power cord for 30 days. If you don't like it, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. However anyone buying two or more units in a single transaction triggers a final sale on all purchased. Try one cable on the main amplifier or your power conditioner, and if you really don't hear new clarity, depth of soundstage and musicality, send it back unaltered within 30 days