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QSA Tuning Gemstones - Pack of 5

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QSA Gemstone Stickers: Red (Pack of 5)
The QSA Tuning Gemstones are Color coded to reveal the frequency bands they influence most. Red for lower and midbass, Blue for midrange, clear for middle highs, Black for very high frequencies. Overall, expect an increase in soundstage width and depth, coupled with the specific frequency emphasis indicated by color.

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QSA Tuning Gemstones - Pack of 5

Versatile & Effective Tuning Tweak

We have learned much about these since our partnership with QSA began. At first we didn't take these seriously enough, but now we have spent more time with them and these are quite the sleeper tweak. They look so unassuming, but the effect they can have when placed carefully (and in some applications this is critical). Spend the time with these and get the placement right. use blue tak when you are experimenting with placement. Also be careful handling them as the stones can fall off of their pads. No worries if they do. Just super glue them back on. Some applications like Ethernet ports, power cords, and power inputs require less precision in placement. When using two stones, placing them opposite one another is the best way to go. For a good example, take a look at their network switches. The Gold has several stones around each port, but note how they alternate.

Our Favorite Applications

  1. Ethernet ports: Use a Red and a Blue. One above the port, one below. You won't believe what this will do for the quality of streaming audio.
  2. Power cords: Another favorite. The right color stones can transform an inexpensive or dull sounding power cord into a giant killer. We have used Red with Blue, as well as Red with Black on power cords with transformative results. Place one at the top of the iec connector and one at the bottom. Just make sure they are opposite one another. You can do this internally if you are comfortable opening up the connector. Otherwise, place them on the outside of the cord as illustrated below.
  3. AC or DC power inputs: If you don't want to place them on your power cords, place them on opposite sides of your power input. This is more practical in cases where you have a round DC input. a Red above and a Black below the input work very well.
  4. Wall receptacles:Place on the back of any wall receptacle to improve performance. We recommend Red and Blue for most applications. But Black can be added as well to enhance presence.

Conversely, you will know when the placement is wrong. A thinness, harshness, or flattening of the soundstage will occur. Keep trying. Your efforts will be rewarded.


All seem to lower the noise floor, and allow more recording ambience and decay through. They also seem to make the presentation more liquid and natural sounding. The different colors seem to have different effects, and certain combinations of colors can be quite amazing.

Red:This is the all-rounder. Great bloom, and decay across all frequencies. Tends to smooth high frequencies, especially on digital sources or cables. That is why we thought it warmed things up initially. If you have trouble with harshness, thin mids or highs, this can prove to be a very valuable tweak. It will enhance resolution, while taming the highs. This is the stone to combine with the others, whichever you choose.

Clear: High frequencies, air, space. Good with tube components, not good with metal dome tweeters unless you use in conjunction with Red gem stones

Blue: lower Mids and upper mids: Openness, texture, layering, transparency

Black:Presence and fullness. Tends to bring vocals forward if they are too recessed or thin in the soundstage. This one took a little while to get a handle on. When used with a Blue gem stone, the sound opens up through the upper mids and becomes refined in the highs.

Applying The Tuning Stone

They come in strips of 5 stones, adhered to a pad that has been segmented to allow for easier removal of the backing, and of course easier separation of the pads. NOTE: Be very careful in handling, as the gemstones can fall off if one is too rough. Not to worry if that does happen, either crazy glue or quick setting epoxy will secure it back to the pad. Also place the gemstones in a location that won't endure any physical contact once placed. Inside components is perfect in most cases.