Steinmusic Topline Power X6

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Steinmusic Power Cord Length Options: 1.2 meter
Steinmusic 15 or 20 amp power termination option: 15 Amp

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Steinmusic Topline Power X6

Audio Power Cord

“For me, beauty is a physical sensation, something we feel with our whole body. It is not the result of judgement. We do not arrive at it by way of rules. We either feel beauty or we don't." - Jorge Luis Borges

We've had the Topline X6 Power cord now for over a year, and it is indeed a superb addition for high end audio systems. The X6 brings the classic Steinmusic sound, and feeling but with slightly less low end and holography as the X8.

We found the X6 to imbue a magical sweetness and naturalness to whatever component it was powering. The soundstage expanded all around the listening position, and the ease and flow of the music allowed us to relax and enjoy the experience of listening.

About the X6

As it's name indicates, there are 6 individually braided copper conductors wrapped in what Steinmusic calls "Mercerized" cotton. Cotton has a very low dialectric constant, which I am sure had an influence on the decision to use it in their design. The connectors are made from phenolic, or resin coated paper. It's extremely hard and scratch resistant, but also non-metallic and non-magnetic. The contacts are rhodium plated copper. The cord has a fairly large overall diameter, but is surprisingly supple, most likely due to the cotton covering the conductors.

Try The X8 In Your Own System

Of course, we want you to experience the Topline X6 for yourself rather than just read what we have to say about what it did for the systems in our store. Qualified customers can take advantage of our in-home audition program to hear if the X8 matches their system and preferences. There is no better way to discover if this component is for you than to hear it in your own system, with your own ears, on your own time. If you are in the market for a power cord of this performance and price level, give us a call or send us an email to get the audition process started.