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QSA Network Switch Silver Version

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Up your streaming performance with QSA's network switch. Incorporating QSA technology for incredible sound. In-home auditions available.

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QSA Network Switch Silver Version


QSA has performed another sonic miracle with their modified 2.5 G network switch. If you've experienced The QSA Fuses, or AC adapters, The switch is similar to the Red/Black level in terms of sonic performance.

It has been treated with their proprietary processes, and materials. You have 5 Ethernet ports, and it requires a 12V DC source. QSA Actually recommends 2 Switches for best performance. One placed at your router's location, and the other by your streamer.

Our Experience

At the Studio, we use an Innuos PhoenixNet switch connected to our wireless router. The switch is connected by about 40 feet of ethernet cable to the Statement. The sound was very impressive. Very quiet, neutral and an analog like flow to the music. We installed one QSA switch at the audio rack, and connected the output of the PhoenixNET to the QSA switch, then connected the Statement music server to the QSA switch. Immediately we were struck with far more low level information. I mean FAR more. The already holographic presentation became way more 3D. But the biggest shock was the sense of naturalness and (audiophile cliche warning) palpability. That's the only way I can describe it.


Read the full review and comments on the QSA Audiophile network switches on our blog.


Most notable sonic improvements are a dramatic increase in soundstage width, depth, resolution and naturalness of the sound.

A Word on Break-In

The higher the performance QSA product, the longer the break in period required. The QSA Silver Ethernet switch is no different, and being the top tier QSA product, it will require 60+ days of break in time.

The QSA Treatment

Is a proprietary process that is a closely held secret. All we know is that all levels get the same type of treatment, but different treatment durations. The Yellow treatment is relatively short, and the Gold treatment takes weeks to complete. Expect improvements in resolution, delicacy, soundstage dimensionality and naturalness.

In-Home Auditions

We offer in-home auditions of this product and strongly encourage anyone seriously considering this to take advantage.