Auralic Aries G3

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The Auralic Aries G3 incorporates the advanced Tesla G3 platform, the Proteus X1 co-processor, a new 60fs clock, and an upgraded power supply. Experience the energy and life force of your music collection like never before with the Aries G3.

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Auralic Aries G3

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AURALiC new Aries G3 is a big departure from the Aries 2.2, incorporating over 90% new components to deliver unparalleled performance.

Tesla G3 Processing Platform

The new Tesla G3 streaming platform utilizes a 64-bit architecture that enables it to achieve eight times the processing power of the previous 2.1 version. The memory capacity has also been increased to 4 GB, and Direct Memory Access Technology (DMA) has been integrated into the system. These advancements are engineered in such a way that all audio-related circuits connect directly to the system memory, substantially reducing latency and jitter by 90% comparing to its predecessor.

Dual Femto Clocks

With dual 60fs femto clocks powering its digital outputs, the Auralic Aries G3 ensures that you experience the highest levels of precision and accuracy when listening to your music. In addition, it utilizes AURALiC's state-of-the-art FPGA-based Proteus X1 co-processing platform, which optimizes the digital audio signal, removing harshness and improving listening experience.

As a result of this optimization, music gains greater substance, space, and dynamic range, providing a highly immersive and engaging listening experience. The Auralic Aries G3 is the perfect addition to any high-end digital audio system, and its advanced features and exceptional performance make it a standout product in the market sector.

More Robust Power Supply

The new Purer-Power low noise power supply design features double the capacity of preceding G2.1 models and even lower noise levels, providing extremely stable and reliable power to the device. Moreover, the optional internal music storage is now based on NVMe SSD technology, delivering read and write speeds up to ten times faster than its predecessor.
The ARIES G2.2 and G3 also now support USB 3.0 for external music storage, further expanding its capabilities and making it easier than ever to access and stream high-quality audio files.


AURALiC is thrilled to announce a future collaboration with Dirac to incorporate their cutting-edge technology into the product line. This partnership will enable AURALiC to integrate Dirac's advanced technology, which will contribute to ensuring that products remain at the forefront of innovation and deliver the highest quality audio experience.

Leo GX 1 Compatibility

The Auralic Aries G3 features compatibility with their LEO GX.1 reference master clock, enabling users to achieve even greater levels of precision and accuracy when it comes to their digital audio outputs. By connecting to the LEO GX.1, these devices are able to take advantage of its advanced clocking technology, resulting in a more refined and nuanced audio reproduction.
This compatibility represents a significant enhancement to the already-impressive performance of the ARIES G2.2 and ARIES G3, allowing users to experience their digital audio collection with even greater clarity and depth. It is a testament to AURALiC's commitment to innovation and dedication to delivering the best possible audio experience to its customers.

Made In The USA

In a significant step for the company, the G2.2 and G3 products have been designed in the USA, and the ARIES G3 and VEGA G3 will be hand-built in AURALiC's Oregon facility.