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Environmental Potentials KIYORA Power Conditioner

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Environmental Potentials KIYORA Power Conditioner

AC Waveform Correction, Power Filtration, Transient Voltage Protection

Environmental Potential's KIYORA is a premium power conditioner for the audiophile and home theater market, providingboth Surge protection and Noise filtration to improve the audio and video quality. The unique noise reduction circuitry acts differently and sounds way differently than conventional power conditioners made for audio. The sound is uncolored, natural and unhindered. We offer in-home trials of the KIYORA power conditioner for those seriously considering this product.

Our Take

We were not ready for the moment when we had everything plugged into the KIYORA and turned it on. What stood out to us was the absence of noise, and lack of coloration along with the abundance of clarity, musicality and dynamics. The KIYORA is very unconventional for an audiophile power conditioner. The patented AC waveform correction (not a regenerator), along with their filtering stages are very effective and very neutral sonically. They remove the noise that generally creates a harsh, fatiguing sound with lack of detail. What is left is the recording, your components, cables, and room. That is what you will hear after the power is filtered through the KIYORA.

Feature Summary

  • Patented waveform correction to enhance power quality
  • Additional low pass filtration to remove the high-frequency noise
  • Ground filtration to remove ground noise and loops
  • Surge protection that does not shunt energy to the ground. Rather, it utilizes a built-in tank circuit for surge dissipation
  • Three isolated power banks, premium heavy-duty duplex receptacles and a premium high-quality IEC connector.
  • OLED Display to show voltage, current, power factor, and energy consumption
  • UL certification

KIYORA's uses EP's patented "waveform correction technology", which filters out electrical noise from your incoming AC supply, eliminating all the power anomalies in the connected wires. KIYORA improves audio and video quality by providing a clean sinusoidal AC signal to your AV system. Equipped with three isolated power banks, KIYORA provides true isolation and high-power output to your AV system. In addition to noise filtration, KIYORA can offer radical surge absorption to protect your expensive components from the harmful effects of surges, transients, lightning, and high-frequency noise. The built-in waveform correction circuit enhances the power quality without reducing the availability of large instantaneous current for your system, that is KIYORA.
EP's waveform correction technology has effectively helped many industrial and commercial facilities protect their investment in equipment, and the KIYORA is no exception.


KIYORA uses patented technology to quickly divert the fast-rising surges to its tank circuit, where the surge energy is safely dissipated. KIYORA's fast-acting nano-crystalline based low pass filter circuit safely dissipates the ringing noise from the surges and high-frequency noise. The low pass filter removes any further noise in the system, correcting the waveform's sinusoidal nature.

Complete Noise removal using KIYORA:

The following is the electrical noise in a residential facility that is being completely removed after installing the KIYORA unit.


Would you like upgraded AC receptacles? We can swap out the stock AC receptacles for QSA or Furutech branded products. Contact us for more details.

Technical Specifications

  • Receptacles: 10 premium heavy-duty duplex outlets
  • Isolated banks: 3
  • Circuit Breaker: Resettable 15A breaker
  • Connection: Premium high-quality IEC connector
  • RoHs: Yes
  • Voltage: 100-120V. 200-240V European and Asian Models are custom made
  • Amps: 15A
  • Max Suge Current: 12.5kA
  • Material:
    • Premium Aluminum housing,
    • LED indicators,
    • OLED display
    • Circuit encapsulated in epoxy
  • Accessories:
    • IEC cable
    • Premium metal base pads
    • Rack mounting tabs, and screws
  • Compliances:
    • NEMA LS-1
    • UL 1449 4th Ed (EP2000)
    • CSA
    • C.22.2 EMI Filter (EP2000)
    • F
  • Dimensions: Height 3.75" Width 17" Depth 13".
  • Weight: 13lb