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Our Current Cable Recommendations
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Our Current Cable Recommendations

People ask what we use in our reference audio system at the store. It's usually an ever changing mix of cables, but lately, we have stumbled upon a blend of cables that have produced the best sound we've heard from our components. The cables are listed by component and are very specific in their placement.

Our System

Just so you know what we are using in the store. 






Power Amps

  • Modwright KWA99
  • Craft Audio NC500X with QSA Black/Red upgrade - at $6395 for the pair, it is a cool running, high value alternative to the Modwright. Web page coming soon!


  • Aurai Z165 - These speakers don't just disappear, they create magic

Current Reference Audio Cables

Power Cables

  • For the power conditioner
    • Nano Flo Holographic 3D6 - Something about the Nano-Flo cord in this location really brings dynamics, speed and transparency to the entire system.
  • For Source components
  • For amplifiers
  • All other components
    • Grand Activation Extreme HGA 2000 - You can use the 6000 on all of your components, but we feel the main implementations of the 6000 on the source and (optional) on the amps are the key areas. Your mileage may vary.


Speaker Cables

Ethernet Cables

USB Cables


The great thing about Tweek Geek, aside from the great recommendations, is we have everything mentioned here available for in-home auditions. Contact us for details on our program, and see why we are raving about these cables!



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